Social Size Criteria Restrictions (sometimes known as 'Bedroom tax')

The Department for Work and Pensions have recently announced that the Social Size Criteria restrictions should not be applied to anyone who has lived in the same property since 1st January 1996 AND has been in continuous receipt of Housing Benefit since that date. 

If you are currently affected by the Social Size Criteria restriction and think that this exemption may apply to you, please contact us in writing giving your name and address or email

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Benefit cap:

From the 15 July the benefit cap has been introduced. Visit for more information.
Use the benefit cap calculator to find out if you’ll be affected, and how much your benefits could go down by.

Housing benefit changes:

There are now changes to how housing benefit for social housing is calculated  for people who have one or more "spare" bedrooms. 

What other benefits might I be entitled to?

You can visit  to work out whether you may be entitled to any other state benefits or financial help, such as Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credits or Job Seekers Allowance.

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Changes to housing benefit April 2013

This may mean that you receive less benefit than you did before, if you have one or more spare bedrooms.