Transitional arrangements

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For those that would otherwise see increases or decreases in their rates liability, the Government has put in place a transitional relief scheme to limit and phase in changes in rate bills as a result of the 2017 revaluation. To help pay for the limits on increases in bills, there also have to be limits on reductions in bills. Under the transition scheme, limits continue to apply to yearly increases and decreases until the full amount is due (rateable value times the appropriate multiplier).

The scheme applies only to the bill based on a property at the time of the revaluation. If there are any changes to the property after 1st April 2017, transitional arrangements will not normally apply to the part of a bill that relates to any increase in rateable value due to those changes. Changes to a rate liability due to other circumstances (for example due to changes in the amount of small business rate relief) are not covered by the transitional arrangements.

The details of the caps on increases and decreases in the amounts a ratepayer would have to pay following the 2017 revaluation are as follows:

1) Limits on increases -The percentage a rate bill can increase by each year, prior to inflation, under the transitional arrangements set by government for the 2017 Rating List are as follows:

FINANCIAL YEAR         RV OF £20,000 ORLESS             RV BETWEEN £20,000 AND £100,000            RV ABOVE £100,000

2017/18                                    5.0%                                                12.5%                                                      42.0%   
2018/19                                    7.5%                                                17.5%                                                      32.0%
2019/20                                  10.0%                                                20.0%                                                      49.0%
2020/21                                  15.0%                                                25.0%                                                      16.0%
2021/22                                  15.0%                                                25.0%                                                        6.0%

2) Limits on Decreases- The percentage a rate bill can decrease by each year, prior to inflation, under the transitional arrangements set by government for the 2010 Rating List are as follows:

FINANCIAL YEAR         RV OF £20,000 OR LESS       RV BETWEEN £20,000 AND £100,000       RV ABOVE £100,000

2017/18                                 20%                                                  10.0%                                             4.1%
30%                                                  15.0%                                             4.6%

2019/20                                 35%                                                 20.0%                                             5.9%

2020/21                                 55%                                                   25.0%                                             5.8%                                      
55%                                                   25.0%                                             4.8%                                                                                               


If you require any further information about the transitional arrangement scheme please contact the Business Rate Team on (01727) 819270

Date of last review: 20 March 2017