Sustainable Procurement

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Sustainable purchasing is about minimising the environmental and social impact of the purchases we make. It is simply good procurement practice that takes into account environmental, economic and social issues to ensure that human needs and a good quality of life can be ensured both now and in the future.

Collectively local authorities are one of the largest consumers of goods and services in the UK and have a key role in protecting the environment. St Albans City and District Council recognizes and is committed to incorporating the principles of sustainable purchasing within its procurement functions and has developed a Sustainable Purchasing Strategy to ensure that

• all procurement activities are undertaken in an environmentally responsible manner

• that any impacts are minimised where reasonably practicable.

The Sustainable Procurement Policy will have an impact on the specification of tender and contract documents and potential contractors should be aware of the sustainability aims and objectives laid out within the above policy.
For existing suppliers, the Council aims to implement a programme to:

• Promoting environmental awareness amongst suppliers and ensuring they are aware of the Council’s Sustainable Procurement Policy

• Encouraging suppliers to introduce more sustainable goods and services at competitive prices

• Encourage suppliers to bring forward innovative solutions to environmental and social problems

• Encourage the purchase of products where evidence that producers are fairly paid and work in reasonable conditions is provided, particularly where the products originate from sources overseas

Date of last review: 15 April 2014