Reporting Anti social behaviour

(We recognise that anti-social behaviour (ASB) can have a serious effect on quality of life, we treat all reports very seriously.

ASB covers a very wide range of behaviour, this is dealt with by a number of Council departments. The table below outlines which department is responsible for the different types of behaviour.

We understand that reporting incidents can make witnesses feel nervous about the next steps, however the Council has a very successful track record in resolving cases.

Therefore, if you are experiencing problems we would encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can help you and what the next steps could be.

Community Protection TeamHousingLegal Democratic and Regulatory Services
Drug dealing/UseAmplified musicTraveller incursions/encampments

Violence and threats of

Ball gamesAmplified music
Disorder affecting several householdsNoisy petsFly tipping/Litter
Serious criminal activity eg Multi agency protection arrangementsCar repairsAbandoned vehicles
Anti social rough sleepers and street drinkersNeighbour disputesGrafitti
Responding to police and other intelligenceDangerous/nuisance dogs and dog fouling
Anti social vehicle use
Housing cases where intensive action is needed or measures taken so far have failed

To contact the Community Protection Team please call 01727 819566 or 

01727 819538

Or a report can be made using the form below.

Reporting Anti-Social Behaviour eform

To contact Housing please call 01727 819414

To contact Legal, Democratic and Regulatory Services please call 01727 819406

New Anti social behaviour policy and procedure

The document below outlines how we will deal with anti social behaviour and the tools and powers available to officers.

Date of last review: 26 June 2014