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    Substance misuse

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    Most people are able to enjoy having a drink quite sensibly. For some, however, it can cause problems. Getting drunk can make you more vulnerable and because alcohol lowers your inhibitions and it can make you act out of character.  


    Drinkaware  provides information on the effects of alcohol on your life. The unit calculator can help you work out how much alcohol you drank last night and you can set up a drinks diary to track your drinking over time.

    Below are some guidelines you should follow to avoid getting drunk:

    Don’t mix your drinks

    • Don’t drink on an empty stomach

    • Drink slowly and space your drinks

    • Try to avoid binge drinking

    • Drink water or soft drinks between alcoholic ones

    • NEVER drink and drive

    • Drink plenty of water before going to bed

    • Do not drink if you are on medication. It may have unpleasant side effects

    • If a friend becomes unconscious through drinking too much, dial 999 for and stay with them until help arrives

    Alcohol and Drug Misuse

    Services for people who have serious alcohol problems are provided through health services, the County Council and voluntary organisations. Hertfordshire's Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Recovery Service offers a pathway to recovery for adults challenged by the use of drugs or alcohol. They provide a range of support, treatment and rehabilitation services, designed to meet the individual's needs and support the family and friends of the service users. The service is free, confidential and available to anyone aged over 18 who lives in Hertfordshire. Details of the St Albans hub are below:


    222 London Road
    St Albans
    AL1 1PB

    Telephone: 01727 847277

    Fax: 01727 730928

    Drinkline 0800 917 8282 - this national helpline offers the following services to callers:

    • Information and self help materials
    • Help to callers who are worried about their own drinking
    • Support to family and friends of people who are drinking
    • Advice to callers on where to go for more help

    Under 18 Substance Misuse

    The Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Service for Hertfordshire (A-DASH) team provides confidential advice, support and specialist assessment and treatment to young people who have drug and alcohol problems under the age of 18. These young people must have a Hertfordshire GP or live or attend school in Hertfordshire to access the services. They can phone or text direct themselves.

    Date of last review: 31 October 2013