The Deputy Mayor of St Albans City and District, Councillor Gill Clark

DeputyMayor2016-17Councillor Gill Clark was officially made Deputy Mayor for a second year on 25th May 2016. She was really pleased to have been asked to serve a second term having taken great pleasure in undertaking a variety of appointments during her first year. 

For a number of years, Gill has served local residents as a District Councillor for Wheathampstead ward and a Parish Councillor on Wheathampstead Parish Council. 

Gill was born in Chester on Christmas Eve, 1944, the day after the last air-raid siren sounded in the city. The family moved to South Shields when she was five and Gill attended school there. 

In 1961, the family moved to Wheathampstead and Gill attended St Albans Girls’ School where she took more ‘O-level’ examinations. She then did a year of secretarial training at the College of Further Education in Hatfield Road.  After temping as a secretary in London, she got a job at Forrester House, near St Albans’ Civic Centre. 

Gill decided to change career and trained as a primary school teacher at the College of St Matthias in Bristol, where she also spent any spare time bell-ringing. 

After three years at college, Gill returned to Wheathampstead in 1968 where she took up a teaching post at St Helen’s Primary School and met her husband Anthony. 

She remained teaching at the school until having her first daughter. Her second daughter came along in 1978 and her third in 1982. Gill did not return to full-time teaching, but spent many years doing supply work and undertaking short term contracts. 

Her three daughters are now married and she enjoys spending time with her family which includes three sons-in-law, two grand-children, two dogs and two cats. 

Gill became a Parish Councillor for Wheathampstead in the late 1980s. She first became a District Councillor for Wheathampstead ward in 1999, serving until 2004. Following a four-year break, she was elected again to the District Council in 2008,

Date of last review: 26 May 2016