Vision & commitments, corporate plan, policies, strategies and budget

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photo of St Albans council offices

Our vision and commitments provide direction for our work so that we focus on activities that will achieve the greatest benefits for the District, given limited resources.


To contribute to a high quality life for all residents by delivering outstanding services, by working with the community, county, town and parish councils.


• Protecting the vulnerable and delivering for families
• Planning for the future 
• Developing business and the visitor economy 
• Delivering cultural, sports, heritage and leisure facilities 
• Keeping the District clean, green, healthy and safe 
• Ensuring value for money and outstanding customer service 

Corporate Plan and Budget Strategy

Date of last review: 03 April 2018

Inclusion strategy

Please view our Inclusion Strategy to understand how we work with the data to improve quality of life for our residents
See also our pages on Equality and Diversity

Local Code of Governance

The Corporate Governance framework comprises of the systems and processes, culture and values by which an organisation is directed and controlled. For local authorities this includes how a council relates to the community it serves.
Good Corporate Governance requires the Council to be open, transparent, effective, inclusive of all sectors of the community, accountable to the public it serves and to demonstrate integrity.
This Code is a public statement of the ways in which the Council will achieve good corporate governance.

Health & Safety Policy

This policy outlines how the council aims to provide a safe and healthy working environment for staff, visitors and contractors.

ICT Strategy 2017-2020

Please view our ICT stagey to understand our plans for refreshing our technology, including the use of digital tools to make it is easier for customers [residents, businesses, visitors] to do business with us.