Brown Bin (or purple bin bags)

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Refuse Collections 

The Council will only collect 1 brown bin (or 3 purple sacks) from each household per fortnight.
Please ensure that all the waste fits within your bin with the lid closed ready for collection from 7am. 

If you have any excess waste which doesn't fit in the bin this either needs to go in the bin once it has been emptied or disposed of in an appropriate manner, such as taking it to the household waste site. Excess refuse will not be collected.

We are ensuring that only the appropriate amount of landfill waste is collected in order to help improve the district's recycling performance and saving tax payers money by not having to pay for disposal.

We appreciate your support in helping us work towards our recycling targets.

Brown Bin Image

yesYES to everything else that can't be recycled.

no Except  paint, building rubble, metal, electrical goods, construction & demolition waste. 
 Please take these to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Purple Sacks

If your property has been identified as unsuitable for bins you will be provided with purple sacks. You can present 3 purple sacks per fortnight as this provides the same capacity as a standard size brown wheeled bin. Purple sacks are delivered in 2 installments a year, each with a supply of sacks to last 6 months. If you do not receive a delivery of sacks then please email or call 01727 809019 to order more. 
Date of last review: 31 January 2018