River Ver and Verulamium Park Lakes Improvement Project

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We want to improve the River Ver through St. Albans to create a better place for people and wildlife. 

The Environment Agency, Affinity Water, St Albans City and District Council and Hertfordshire County Council’s Countryside Management Service (CMS) are working together to develop a plan that will improve the River Ver, while also exploring other opportunities to enhance the wider river area through St Albans.

The River Ver has played a very important role in the history of St Albans. Over the last 2000 years it has been altered for industry, flood risk reduction, amenity and recreation. These alterations, such as changes to the channel alignment and the installation of hard-engineered banks, have restricted the river habitats and the wildlife that it supports.

The ornamental lakes in Verulamium Park are fed by the River Ver. They suffer from a range of issues including poor water quality. This low quality along with high silt content, leaf litter and high wild fowl populations has resulted in algal blooms and reduced oxygen levels in the water which can have a negative impact on wildlife.
We are currently investigating possible solutions to resolve the issues surrounding the river and lakes, while exploring other opportunities to create a better place for people and wildlife. Our project objectives are that:

1. The River Ver through St Albans achieves good ecological status under the Water Framework Directive 
2. The issues with the lakes are addressed and they are improved for people and wildlife
3. The areas around the river and lakes are improved

All of the solutions must be feasible, sustainable and provide value for money.

The project is split into six reaches, each with their own issues. For more detail on each of the six reaches please visit the Project Area page.

The project is part of the Chalk Streams Partnership, a programme designed to protect and restore Chalk Rivers. For more information about the partnership click here

We would like to hear your thoughts on this project and any comments/suggestions you would like to make.  You can do this by filling in the online comments/suggestion form.

Chalk Streams Partnership

The project is part of the Chalk Streams Partnership, a programme designed to protect and restore Chalk Rivers.

Project partners

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Project Project area

The project covers the River Ver from the North of Verulamium Park to just upstream of Sopwell Mill Farm and the lakes in Verulamium Park

Project objectives Project objectives

Project objectives

Issues and problems Issues with the River Ver and Lake

Issues with the River Ver and Lake

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Progress updates

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Public engagement

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Comments and suggestions

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