Fees for planning applications

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Fees for planning applications are set by the Government and apply nationally to all applications in England.  The following fees were set in November 2012 (and amended in April 2014) and must be submitted with your application in order for us to register it. Cheques should be made payable to St Albans District Council.  Please note these fees are due to increase effective 17 January 2018.

Fees for common projects

Below are the fees for the most common projects. These fees are due to increase on 17 January 2018 and the revised fees are shown in brackets below. Please see the download below for the full list, which also provides the fees for more complex or less common projects. These will also be subject to the increase on 17 January 2018.

Application typeDescription        Current Fee (Fee from 17 January 2018)
Householder Applications

Alterations/extensions to a single dwelling (but excluding flats), including works within the boundary such as outbuildings.

£172   (£206)
Full Planning Applications

Alterations/extensions to two or more dwellings (or two or more flats), including works within the boundaries.

New dwellings (up to and including 50)

£339    (£407)

£385 per dwelling (£462 per dwelling)

Lawful Development Certificates (Householder only)

For proposed development or use

For existing development or use

£86    (£103)

£172    (£206)

Discharge of conditionsRequest for confirmation that one or more planning conditions have been complied with. This is essential for any pre-commencement conditions on exisiting permissions

£28 (£34) per request for Householder applications

£97 (£116) per request for all other applications

Non-material amendmentNon-material amendment following grant of planning permission

£28 (£34) in respect of Householder applications

£195 (£234) in respect of other developments

Change of use

Change of use of a building or land, including change of use of building to up to 50 dwellings

£385 (£462)
Removal or variation of condition

Removal or variation of condition following grant of planning permission 

£195 (£234)
Prior Approval Change of UseChange of use of a building under the Prior Approval scheme

£80 (£96)

Date of last review: 02 January 2018