Controlled parking zones

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Location of controlled parking zones in St Albans

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The interactive map

The above map gives information on the St Albans City Centre Controlled Parking Zone.

Hover your computer mouse over the road you want information on and left click, this will bring up information on this road.

The information provided for each street includes:

  1. The Zone (this is the permit zone and requires a permit with that zone to park)
  2. Information for Disabled parking
  3. Motorcycle Parking
  4. the times of the restrictions

Please be aware that if a street is not highlighted this does not mean it is un-restricted as there may be other restriction in place for example, double and single yellow lines.

Information for Disabled Badge Holders

Motorcycle Parking bays available in:

Street NameZoneNo. of bays
Alexandra RoadK1
Alma RoadK2
Bedford RoadK1
Belmont HillN1
Bernard StreetF2
Britton AvenueA1

Cannon Street

Cavendish RoadP2
Church CrescentA2
Church StreetF1
Clifton StreetH1
Grange StreetF2
Granville RoadP1
Hart RoadM1
Hill StreetC2
Keyfield TerraceM2
Laurel RoadP1
Liverpool RoadL2
Lower Dagnall StreetB1
Mount PleasantC1
Normandy RoadD1
Old London RoadM1
Portland StreetC1
Spicer StreetB1
Verulam RoadB1
West View RoadD1
Date of last review: 02 July 2012