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Apply for Permits, Visitor Permits, Works Permits, Suspensions and Car Park Season Tickets

All refund requests are subject to an administration fee

To avoid disappointment or delays, before applying for any permit type or parking suspension, please read the information section below the links to ensure you are applying for the right permit and that a permit can be issued to you. By making an application you confirm you have read the terms and conditions relevant to your application.

The below links will open in a new tab or window on an external secure site linked to our permit processing system.

Online Permit, Dispensation and Suspension Applications and Charges.

Please note: 

For all resident permit applications including visitor permits, you must allow up to 5 working days for processing and up to a further 3 days for postage. You must make alternative parking arrangements whilst the permit is being processed.

Charges - Permit, Dispensation, Suspensions and other related Charges Toggle accordion

Permit Type & Zones St Albans and HarpendenPermit Prices
Zone/s Emission Based BandingEmission (Vehicles Registered after March 2001) Or Engine CC (Pre March 2001- Registered)

1st Permit

2nd Permit3rd Permit
All Zones (including Harpenden)Band 1Zero emission / N/aFree£20£40
All Zones (including Harpenden)Band 2After March 2001 CO2 emissions rated up to 90g/km and Pre March 2001 Engine capacity up to 999cc£20£50£100
Residents' permits - Type A (2hr Zones) this is for the following zones: C, CA, MC, MS, O, P, R, T, PC, PR1, PR2, SR and WAll Other Vehicles not in Band's 1, 2 or 7N/A£25.00£81.00£177.00
Residents' permits - Type B (All Day) This includes the following zones: A, CM, D, F, H, L, M, N, Q, S, HA, HR, OC and HCAll Other Vehicles not in Band's 1, 2 or 7N/A£47.00£162.00£353.00
7 Day Zones, G, K and UAll Other Vehicles not in Band's 1, 2 or 7N/A£62.00£216.00£392.00
Zone BAll Other Vehicles not in Band's 1, 2 or 7N/A£62.00£216.00N/A
Downes Road, St Albans Zone DRAll Other Vehicles not in Band's 1, 2 or 7N/A£12.00£40.00£87.00
Harpenden Zones (All zones)All Other Vehicles not in Band's 1, 2 or 7N/A£37.00£75.00£165.00
All Zones (including Harpenden)Band 7After March 2001 - CO2 emissions rated over 226g/km and (Pre 2001) Engine capacity greater than 2,450cc£80£240


General Charges From April 2022
Administration / Refund /Replacement charge£12.00
Visitors Permits All Zones - All day - Sold in books of 10 vouchers£15.00
Temporary Residents Dispensation (1 month temporary dispensation for residents waiting for relevant documents) and cannot get a residents permit. £20.00
White Access Markings (H Bar markings across a driveway.£120.00
Residents Dispensation From April 2022
Type / ZoneQuarterlyAnnual
Permit Zone - Type A (2hrs)N/A£177.00
Permit Zone - Type B (All Day)N/A£353.00
Health care DispensationN/A£25.00
Business Permits From April 2022
Type A -2 hrs per day£76.45£305.85
Type B - All Day£152.95£611.80
Works Permits From April 2022
Works Permits  - documentary evidence of the works being carried out, i.e. a written quote for the works being undertaken.per vehicle per day£12.00
Parking Suspensions
Charge typeCost 
Administration Fee£20.00
Daily Charge per bay£27.50

Apply for a parking Permit or Parking Suspension Toggle accordion

Online Permit applications

Apply for a parking permit*

*If you are an existing permit holder, please remember to have your 'applicant ID' ready when applying for your permit/s. In addition, if you already hold a permit and you are applying for a new permit, due to the current one expiring, please ensure that when making the online application, on the page headed 'Charges', the start date is set after the expiry date of your current permit. For example, if your current permit expires on 15th September, you should set your start date on your new permit as 16th September.

Due to a system issue, applications for permits with two vehicle registrations can’t be fully completed on line. If you require your permit to include two vehicle registrations, please make the application for one vehicle and once the application is complete, please email a copy of the V5c log book/lease/hire agreement for the second vehicle to our permits team and state that you wish to have this vehicle on your permit too. We will then get this processed for you. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  • All refund requests are subject to an administration fee

Apply for visitor parking permits

Apply for childcare dispensation permit

Apply for a Works Permit

Apply for a Parking Suspension

Apply for a Business Permit

Apply for a temporary Permit

Contact Health Care Permits**

**For more information on health care permits, please see the information tab further down this page.

If you are unable to use the online services, please download and complete the appropriate application form below and return it to us as detailed. Please note, using the PDF application forms takes longer to process than the stated times for online applications. where possible we advise to make all applications online. 

PDF Application Forms

Residents Permit.pdf

Visitor Permits.pdf

Business Permit.pdf

Health Care Permit.pdf

Works Permits (residential zones) and Bay Suspensions.pdf

Replacing a Permit or Changing Permit Details Toggle accordion

Replacing a Permit or Changing Permit Details. 

Change vehicle on permit

Replace a parking permit

Change contact details

To change your vehicle registration number or replace a permit you will need to provide:

  • New Keeper Slip (from the vehicle V5c)

  • Vehicle Insurance Schedule or Invoice of Purchase showing, Name, Vehicle Registration Number / Mark (VRM) and address.

  • Permit ID number and applicant ID number.

  • Payment by credit or debit card.

  • There is an admin charge for any of the above changes. This is detailed under permit charges. 

Eligible Properties List Toggle accordion

Eligible Properties List

St Albans


Apply for Car Park Season Tickets / permits

Car park and Senior Citizens season tickets / permits Toggle accordion

To apply for a car park season ticket, please complete the below application form and upload it using the contact us link below.

Season Ticket



Individual Site

Drovers Way£1,060N/A
Russell Ave£1,060£1,730 Annual or £160 Monthly Direct debit

Senior Citizen Permit


Other Fees


Replacement Season Ticket or Permit£12.00












Senior Citizens

To apply for a senior citizens car park permit, call us on 01727 866100.

A senior citizens permit is available to St Albans City and District residents aged 65 or over and costs £35.00 per annum.

A valid senior citizen permit allows up to 3 hours parking within any of the St Albans City and District Council owned Car Parks. For parking over 3 hours, additional payment will be required at the time of parking, see car park tariff boards for additional prices.

Season Tickets / Permits

To make an application for a season ticket, please complete the below application form and send it to us through the contact email below.

Season Ticket Application.pdf

Please note, this will open a draft email in your default email client (browser);

Contact Car Park Season Tickets


Information and Terms and Conditions

Resident permit terms and conditions Toggle accordion

Before you proceed with your application please read the terms and conditions below.

Terms and conditions


  1. Permits will only be issued to the registered council tax payer or listed occupier/s for a property in the controlled parking zone. If the Council tax payer is not the occupier a permit cannot be issued. 
  2. If you own / rent a property but it is not your main residence, a permit will not be issued. If you have multiple properties within the same or different zones, you are not allowed multiple permits for multiple homes and permits will only be permitted for your main residence (main home). 
  3. Permits can only be issued to properties listed within the relevant Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) A TRO is a legal document which specifies the restrictions in place and the provisions to those restrictions, including which properties are eligible.  
  4. Permits can only be issued to a vehicle up to 5.25m in length and 2.28m in height. Unless the relevant Traffic Regulation Order specifies otherwise. If a permit is issued and the vehicle is found to exceed these specifications, the permit will be withdrawn. 

Using the permit

  1. A valid permit allows the vehicle to be parked in a valid parking bay, within the permit parking zone printed on the permit.
  2. The Council cannot guarantee the permit holder a parking space outside or close to their property or anywhere else in the zone as a permit does not reserve a space. If a road or roads within the zone are closed for any reason, it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to park the vehicle legally. Parking cannot be provided or relocated under these circumstances.  
  3. A permit is valid only when a vehicle is wholly parked within the allocated residents parking bay markings. 
  4. A parking permit does not entitle the holder to park:
    1. On single or double yellow lines
    2. Disabled parking bays (unless a valid blue badge is displayed in the vehicle)
    3. In a Suspended bay
  5. It is the driver’s responsibility to check the restrictions on every occasion to ensure there are no temporary restrictions in place, e.g. suspensions.
  6. Vehicles must not be parked in a marked space where they could cause an obstruction or where there is a marked white ‘H’ bar (access marking). Unless you have the permission of the owner of the property and displaying a valid permit for that zone. 
  7. The permit must be clearly displayed with all the relevant information showing on the windscreen of the vehicle.


  1. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to renew their permit prior to the expiry date stated on the permit. The Council will endeavour to remind residents in writing before the expiry of their permit, but this cannot be guaranteed and should not be relied upon.
  2. Permits are the property of the Council and can be withdrawn at any time. The Council will endeavour to give notice on the Permit Holder at the address shown by that person on the application form or at any other address believed to be that person's place of abode. Reasons why the Council may withdraw a permit:
    1. the Permit Holder has ceased to be eligible under these terms and conditions or the relevant Traffic Regulation Order, to hold a Resident Parking Permit or Visitor Parking Permits 
    2. the vehicle in respect of which a Resident Parking Permit was issued has been adapted or used in such a manner that it is no longer a vehicle for which a Resident Parking Permit can be issued under these terms and conditions;
    3. the details on the Resident Parking Permit or Visitor Parking Permits have been altered or defaced;
    4. any other reason the Council deems is misuse or detrimental to the Permit Parking scheme 
  3. You must return the permit to the Council if you cease to be a resident in the zone to which it applies or if you change or stop using the car shown on it. You cannot continue using the permit if the details by which it was obtained are no longer valid.
  4. If the permit is surrendered before it is expired, a refund will be calculated for the remaining term on the following basis:
    • Any request for a refund must be done in writing and sent to SADC Parking services, Drovers Way car park, Drovers Way, St Albans. AL3 5EB. 
    • An admin charge will be chargeable when applying for a replacement permit and/or refund.
    • If the permit is surrendered the refund is calculated for the full remaining months only.
    • No refund can be given for the loss of a permit. If your vehicle is stolen, a refund shall be paid as if the permit has been surrendered but you will need to supply a Police crime reference number.
  5. A replacement permit cannot be issued with different or additional vehicle registration number/s from those detailed on the original permit. 
  6. Any properties situated on or outside the boundary of a zone, will not be eligible for a resident permit unless otherwise stated in the relevant Traffic Regulation Order. In cases where no off-street parking is available, a dispensation permit may be granted if the property or road is listed under the dispensation within the relevant Traffic Regulation Order.
  7. The issue of a dispensation permit depends upon the number of applications, parking space available and other policy considerations. A maximum of 1 (one) dispensation permit per property maybe granted to successful applicants.
  8. Making an application for a permit does not guarantee an application will be accepted. Once we have checked your eligibility, we will then advise you whether a permit will be issued to you. Any refused applications will be fully refunded.

What you will need to apply for a permit Toggle accordion

When you apply, you will need to provide:

  • Proof that you’re the registered owner or keeper of the vehicle e.g. registration certificate (DVLA V5c) or if you have a hire or lease car the hiring or leasing agreement, this must show the address for which the permit is required. If you have a company car see ‘what if I have a company car’ below. 
  • Proof that you live at the address, we can check the council tax register if you cannot provide the most recent Council Tax bill However, providing the most recent bill will help process your application quicker. (if you’ve moved in recently see ‘What if I’ve just moved into a property’ below. 
  • Payment by debit or credit card

What if I’ve just moved into a property? Toggle accordion

If you have just moved into a property, we will accept other documents with your application. If you submit the evidence below, your permit will be issued for a one-month period only. Upon renewal of this permit, you will be required to provide all the relevant documents as listed under ‘what you will need to apply’ above.

  • If you have purchased your property: a properly documented letter of completion from your Solicitors*; or 

  • If you are renting a property, an acceptable Tenancy Agreement dated and signed by both landlord and renter/tenant; and 

  • Car registration documents (V5c registration certificate). Your vehicle registration documents will need to be changed by the next renewal of your permit or in case of any further replacements).

* Please note we do not accept Exchange of Contracts letters.

What if I have a company car? Toggle accordion

If you have a company car you will need to provide

  • a letter signed by your employer’s company secretary or someone of equivalent authority, confirming the car’s registration and that you are the sole user of the vehicle.

  • If you own the company, a letter from your accountant on the accountant’s headed paper.

  • the vehicle’s DVLA V5c car registration certificae or lease agreement.

Visitor parking permit information Toggle accordion

If your property is eligible you may apply for visitor permits if you live in a controlled parking zone or permit parking area. You do not need to own a car or have a resident’s permit. This is for your visitors (friends or family).

To check if you are eligible see ‘Eligible properties and number of permits’ at the top of this page.

Each visitor permit is valid all day and are supplied in books of ten permits. Each household can have up to 12 books a year. This gives everyone a fair opportunity to use the space available.

The permits are one-use scratch cards. When a visitor arrives, you will need to scratch the relevant sections to show the day, month and date (within the month) and if available on the permit, the time of arrival.

What you will need to apply

You will need to provide:

  • Your permit ID number and applicant ID number. (if you do not have this you can still apply but must click ‘no’ when you are asked if you have previously applied, you can still click no even if you have applied before but do not have the permit or applicant ID).

  • Proof that you live at the address, we can check the council tax register if you cannot provide the most recent Council Tax bill. However, providing the most recent bill will help process your application quicker.

  • Payment by debit or credit card

Please note: We regret that we are unable to replace vouchers lost in the post. However, we are able to provide the Royal Mail tracking information upon request. Customers are advised to contact Royal Mail directly to resolve any lost post issues.

We do not refund partially used visitor permits books. They are issued in books of 10 and we will only refund unused complete books of 10 permits

What if I have a Temporary vehicle? (parking permit for a courtesy car) Toggle accordion

Existing resident permit holders can apply for a temporary permit that can be used in a courtesy car.

When a temporary permit is issued it must be displayed in the courtesy car along with your existing residents permit.

You can use your visitors parking permits to cover your vehicle during controlled parking hours if you are unable to provide evidence of a courtesy car.

To apply for a temporary permit, you will need to provide:

  • Evidence that you are being supplied with a courtesy car, e.g. signed vehicle loan form or courtesy car agreement.

  • Name and address

What if I have Child Care? (Childcare permits) Toggle accordion

If you employ a nanny or au pair to take care of your children in your home, you can apply for a special permit for them. You will need to provide evidence of employment.

A childcare permit is charged at the highest permit rate eligible within that zone. i.e. third permit cost. These permits will only be issued if the full allocation of permits for that property have not been allocated.

What you need to apply

To apply for a childcare permit, you will need to provide:

  • Your permit ID number and applicant ID number, (if you do not have this you can still apply but must click ‘no’ when you are asked if you have previously applied, you can still click no even if you have applied before but do not have the permit or applicant ID).

  • Proof that you live at the address – we will check the council tax register (if you’ve moved in recently see above)

  • Vehicle registration certificate DVLA V5c for the child carer’s car (or if you have a hire or lease car the hiring or leasing agreement) (if you have a company car see ‘what if I have a company car’ above)

  • Contract of employment signed and dated including all terms and conditions of employment

  • Payment by debit or credit card

Healthcare permit Information Toggle accordion

Health Professionals

Doctors surgeries or medical organisations whose employees need to frequently visit patients and clients living within a controlled parking zone may apply for a healthcare permit.

These permits enable employees to park in any resident space marked as permit holders or resident permit holders while carrying out essential home visits. They are not permitted to park in pay and park bays without payment. Permits do not give immunity from yellow line waiting restrictions. Permits are also not valid when parked outside your normal place of work.

Residents personal carers

If your health means you depend on visits from family carers on a regular basis, you may apply for a special healthcare permit.

Cost and how to apply

Please see our permit prices section

What you need to when you apply

To apply for a healthcare permit please use the below PDF application. You must read the terms and conditions and provide the details requested on the application PDF

Application Form (PDF)

You must then send your application with the appropriate payment to; 

Health Care Permits, St Albans City & District Council, Parking Services, Drovers Way Car Park, Drovers Way, St Albans Hertfordshire, AL3 5EB

Parking suspension Information Toggle accordion

Applicants must read the below terms before applying for a Suspension, by applying you agree to the terms set out on this page.

The fee charged for a suspension reflects the installation of legally recognised signage to notify drivers that the bay is not available for general parking. Therefore, we are unable to offer refunds for suspensions where vehicles have parked, and the suspended bays could not be used for the purpose of the suspension.

Terms and Conditions of Parking Suspensions and application of Suspensions

  • All applications must be made at least 7 days before the date of the suspension. Any application made with less than 7 days notice, will be rejected.

  • Where there are no individual parking bays I.E. one long elongated bay, the cost will be calculated for every 5.5 metres (5500mm)

  • The Council will consider suspending a parking bay for several reasons including but not limited to;

    • House removals and moving in

    • Building works

    • All day deliveries

    • Skips

  • The Council are unable to remove vehicles from suspended bays as we do not have removal vehicles to facilitate this. As a result of this we are unable to guarantee that the space will be kept clear. However, we can issue Penalty Charge Notices to any vehicle parked in a suspended bay. If you notice an unauthorised vehicle parked in the bay, please call our parking enforcement team our hotline on 01727 866100.

  • Yellow suspension signs will be placed as near as possible to the affected area showing the details of the suspension, residents are advised to check all signs in their road before parking on each occasion.

  • We do not supply traffic cones or barriers to assist with closing the suspended bays and would advise applicants to supply their own where possible.

  • Suspensions cannot be considered in areas that are not controlled.

  • Vehicles that park after the signs have been placed and during the suspended period are likely to receive a penalty charge notice of £70 which is served under the Traffic Management Act 2004.

  • We consider each case upon its merits before deciding whether to grant the suspension. You are therefore advised to provide as much information on the application as you possibly can so that we can make an informed decision.

  • All suspensions applications are subject to further checks, application and payment does not Guarantee that a request has been granted and approved

  • We can suspend a maximum 3 bays per road and it’s on a first come first serve basis. If you require more than 3 bays, please allow extra time for your application as further considerations are needed. 

  • We reserve the right to refuse any application. In most cases where an application is refused, we will notify the applicant and provide a refund. 

  • Refunds are not given where a suspension has been provided and but was not usable for any reason.  

If you have a query regarding an existing parking suspension application please email

What If I am having works or Trades People at my property? Information on Works Permits Toggle accordion

If you employ people to carry out work at your home or business and there is no off-street parking available, they may need to park during controlled hours.

Please note: For a skip, you will be required to apply for a parking suspension, a works permit will not cover skip placements.

Either you or the contractor or tradesperson will need to apply for a works permit in order to avoid receiving a parking fine. Where parking is not possible, they can load and or unload their vehicle at the property. But the vehicle must be moved immediately afterwards to a legal parking place.

Permit costs can be found under our charges section.

To apply for a work permit you (or the contractor or tradesperson) will need to provide:

  • Vehicle registration number

  • Location and date/s

  • Payment by debit or credit card

Please note that we require at least five working days to process applications (not including Saturday and Sunday). Please allow an additional three working days for delivery. 

Business parking permits Toggle accordion

If you are a business is located in a controlled parking zone, you may be able to apply for a permit.

There are a limited number of permits available to businesses located within the controlled parking zones. Each qualifying business can only have one permit.

If you are an eligible business in a controlled zone, you will need to check if there are permits available in your area by using the contact us button below. If permits are available, please use the below PDF application form to make your application or for a quicker application, please use our online service at the top of this page under permit applications.  

Application Form (PDF)

Contact us about a Business Permit