There are several different types of licence that you may require. 

Each licence will require its own application. 

To apply for each licence, you will need to complete the application form (available on the links below) and send it to us, along with the fee. You may also need to send copies of your form (depending on the type of application you are making) to the police and other ‘responsible authorities’ (see below PDF for the list of responsible authorities).

All licence applications (new, variations and reviews), must be advertised in a local publication distributed in the vicinity of the premises. A notice must also be placed on the boundary of the premises. The document below gives you suggested wording for this advertisement.

We will also place an application notice on our website outlining the application

Changing a licence or club certificate

If you wish to change any aspect of your licence or club certificate once it has been granted, you will need to apply for a full or a minor variation to your existing licence.

Full variation to your existing licence

The full variation process is very similar to the application process for a new premises licence and the fee is the same. You should use this process if you want to make a substantial change to your licence, for example, increasing the hours when you sell alcohol.

Minor variation to your existing licence

If you want to make a small, low-risk change to your premises licence, you may be able to use the minor variation process. This is cheaper and quicker than the full variation application.

Small changes could include:

  • removing a licensable activity

  • reducing the hours you sell alcohol 

  • making small changes to the layout of your premises 

The application has to be advertised in case others think that the changes could have an impact on the licensing objectives. 

When applying for a minor variation applicants have to place a notice with details of the application on their premises. This notice needs to remain in place for 10 consecutive working days and be easily visible from outside the premises.  You do not have to advertise this application in a local newspaper or similar publication. 

If you apply for a minor variation and your application is rejected, you will not be able to appeal. However, you can reapply using the full variation process.

Contact us for advice on which process is more suitable for the change you want to make.

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There are several different types of licence that may be required. The forms and fees necessary are included with each type

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