The St Albans District Events Safety Advisory Group

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The St Albans District Events Safety Advisory Group (SAG) enables key agencies to work together to look at safety issues for any public events taking place in the District. The idea is not to discourage events in any way but to provide event organisers with support and guidance to ensure that any events are carried out safely and successfully.

Should any member of the SAG have any questions about an event, the organiser might be asked to come along to meet the group so that any issues can be discussed and the organiser can ask for advice from the members - there is such a wide range of skills and experience available within the St Albans District Events Safety Advisory Group.

Who is on the group

The Safety Advisory Group consists of a number of agencies who work to maintain and enhance public safety.

  • Police (Herts Constabulary)

  • Fire & Rescue Service

  • Ambulance Service

  • Hertfordshire County Council (Highways and Emergency planning)

  • St Albans District Council (Legal, Democratic & Regulatory Services, Planning, Community Services)
  • Harpenden Town Council

The St Albans and District Event Safety Advisory Group is coordinated and chaired by the Community Services Team, District Council Offices, Civic Centre, St Peter's Street, St Albans, Herts AL1 3JE. Contact us on 01727 819391 or via e-mail

How the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) works

St Albans City & District Council acts as the first point of contact for anyone organising an event to which the public are invited.

We ask all event organisers to submit the following:

  • A completed event notification form (downloadable below)

  • An event risk assessment

  • An event management plan

  • A site plan

  • A copy of public liability insurance that will cover the event

Once the event notification information is submitted, we will:

  • Circulate to SAG members for assessment and possible action

  • Members of SAG will provide advice and guidance on their specific areas of responsibility to the organiser and other agencies involved

  • If necessary, individual members of SAG meet with the organiser to discuss specific areas of the event

  • The chair of SAG keeps written records for each event and ensures actions arising are clearly documented

  • In some circumstances some members of SAG will monitor events to ensure standards are maintained and regulation are adhered to

If you are planning an event we advise that you submit your documentation as early as possible to ensure each SAG member has time to respond.

Planning and Organising an event

If you are organising an event in the district, there are a number of responsibilities placed upon you as organiser. Please see our Event Planning pages for helpful information and advice. 

Sources of Useful Information

To help you plan your event there are a number of publications available from the Health and Safety Executive but you need to purchase the guides they produce. Two guides may be particularly relevant:

  • Managing crowds safely - HSG154
  • The event safety guide - HSG195 (PDF below)

The Health and Safety Executive's website contains information for event organisers planning an event from risk assessing to writing an Event Safety document.

Event organisers should also look at this website for their event safety publications and in particular the 5 Steps to Risk Assessment.

For advice on temporary structures, please see the Mutamarg "Safe Use and Operation of Marquees and Temporary Structures - Accreditation Scheme and Best Practice Guide" ( and IStructE book on "Temporary Demountable Structures (TDS) guidance on procurement, design and use" April 2007.

Useful Contacts

For further information on booking council land and non licensable events contact the Community Services Team on:
01727 819311 or e-mail

For further information on licensing issues contact the Licensing Section on:
01727 819454 or e-mail

For further information on the Safety Advisory Group please contact them on:
01727 819311 or e-mail

Date of last review: 15 January 2016