St Albans City and District Council operate 10 allotment sites in St Albans and 1 in Park Street.

View a map showing the location of all allotment sites managed by St Albans City and District Council

Site NameNumber of PlotsWaiting List
 (as of 13/12/17
Average Waiting Time
Burydell Allotment Site61
32 months
Camp Allotment Site78
96 months
Camp 1 Allotment Site47



Cottonmill Allotment Site12001 month
Cunningham Allotment Site11145 years 
Folly Lane Allotment Site82523 Years
Nunnery 1 Allotment Site58


7 months
Nunnery 2 Allotment Site4602 months
Sandridge Road Allotment Site199206 Months
Shirley Road Allotment Site1036 months
Sopwell Mill Allotment Site4943 months

Some of the Allotment sites currently have a waiting list. If you would like to be added to a waiting list, please fill in the online Application Form.

Due to high demand, only residents of St Albans and Park Street can be added to the waiting list, and you can only join the list for ONE of the sites.

Waiting list policy

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Date of last review: 13 December 2017