About the district

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Over 140,000 people live in our district; through its natural beauty, charm and local attractions, this number trebles during the holiday seasons. We believe that it is the community as a whole that makes St Albans district an attractive, enjoyable place to live, visit and work. To ensure the area remains an attractive place to be, we are committed to improving the well being of all our residents and visitors.

Road Trip - a short film celebrating community projects across the District

Community Survey 2018

Every 2-3 years, the Council undertakes a community survey of residents views on Council services and satisfaction of the district as a place to live.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Scott Rawlinson (Scott.Rawlinson@stalbans.gov.uk)

2018 Results

The overview, as presented to Cabinet in February 2019, and the full report from ORS is available below.

The survey was carried out between the 12 October and 7 December 2018 and 1,326 responses were received, a 33% response rate.

St Albans in figures (statistics and numbers from the census)

The Community Profile is an analysis of St Albans City and District’s residents and their communities.

It is followed by a snap shot of the data

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Ward Profiles

To assist in our work across the District we have created a ward profile for each of the 20 wards within St Albans City and District