Council winter service updates

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Service update - Wednesday 13 December

All the leisure and sports centres are back to normal now (except external areas still affected by the snow).  See here for contact details

Hertfordshire County Council is responsible for gritting the roads.  Find information about their gritting plan here.  

Find lots of useful information about services in the snow, including waste and recycling, on our snow page (which you may currently be on - this message appears on multiple pages).

We will be clearing trees on the Alban Way as soon as possible.  Trees on roads are the responsibility of Herts County Council (or the landowner, if on private land).

On waste and recycling, we are going about business as usual.  Our policy is ...

Waste collection in icy weather

Contact the council

Further links and information relating to weather and service updates 

Click for EMERGENCY CONTACTS information

Date of last review: 10 December 2017

Water and Electricity problems 

Electical pylon

Power cuts -0800 783 8866
Register for priority need
Report a leak - 0800 376 5325
Sewerage emergencies --0800 316 9800

Council property

St Albans City & District Council is responsible for the treatment of snow and ice on land under its ownership and control.
In addition to clearing the footways the Council strives to treat the following areas:

  • Amenity Land in St Albans Town Centre 
  • Elderly people’s homes and housing estates 
  • Priority Car Parks 
  • Markets 
  • Public Toilets 
  • Parks and Cemeteries 
  • Sports and Leisure Facilities
Details are available in the Winter Treatment operational plan download below
Date of last review: 08 December 2017