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    Actions to improve the District

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    Here you will find case studies demonstrating examples of improvements and initiatives that the Council has been involved in, working alone or with our partners and community groups.


    Batchwood Sports Centre

    Investing in new leisure centres

    The Council has opened three new leisure centres in three years: Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre, Batchwood Sports Centre and Coltandswick Leisure Centre.

    Lea Springs

    Making best use of housing stock

    The Council is working with housing associations to redevelop out-of-date sheltered housing into modern affordable homes for people of all ages and needs and to turn its under-utilised garage sites into affordable housing.


    Family having picnic in front of St Albans Cathedral
    Attracting visitors to St Albans
    An opportunity has been identified to help grow the local economy by attracting more visitors to the historic city of St Albans.
    St Peters Street

    Growing the local economy
    A strategy for economic growth is being implemented built around supporting retail in St Albans; developing the visitor economy; building on the strengths in green technology and professional services, and making the Council's services business-friendly.

    Sign saying 'vision'

    Making aspirations become a reality

    The management team is striving to improve resident satisfaction with the Council by making service more customer-focused, improving leisure facilities and investing in affordable housing


    Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre

    Transforming leisure facilities
    The new Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre was opened in 2012 as part of a council strategy to provide modern leisure centres in accessible locations that meet residents’ expectations.

    Older People's Forum

    Older People's Forum established
    A forum has been set up to give older people in St Albans District a voice and to influence local decision making.

    putting localism in practice

    Putting localism into practice
    Ownership and management of some assets have been transferred to Town and Parish Councils as part of a District Council strategy to put localism into practice.

    council offices

    Transforming our workforce
    The Council has saved transformed the workforce to make it more stream-lined and customer-focused.



    Green space partnership
    New ways of working and initiatives have been introduced to help improve the District's parks and green spaces.

    local services_

    A new local services at the civic centre
    An advice and information centre has been set up at the Civic Centre offering support from a wide range of local organisations including the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Centre for Voluntary Service.

    regulatory services

    A new regulatory services model
    A new multi-functional enforcement team has been developed that is responsible for health and safety, food, pest control, licensing, environmental pollution, infectious disease control and parking enforcement.



    New Quality Homes for the elderly
    We are redeveloping our sheltered accommodation for the elderly to bring it up to modern standards. One of the first projects  has involved working with North Hertfordshire Homes to redevelop Rosewood Court (formerly Eric Steele House).

    Dragon's Apprentice Dragons' apprentices help charities
    The Dragon's Apprentice scheme has been set up to challenge young people to raise money for charities with the help of local businesses and other organisations.
    vision A new vision for the District
    The Council is developing a vision for the development of St Albans City and District for the next 20 years.
    smart water Smartwater helps prevent burglary
    Smartwater, the property marking system, is being used to help prevent repeat burglaries among vulnerable members of the community.
    Community shopping area

    Upgrading community shopping area
    Local school children have helped make the shopping area at Abbots Avenue West, St Albans more attractive by painting a mural and planting shrubs.


    Making the District Bloom
    St Albans District in Bloom Awards were launched in 2010 with the aim of making the District a greener and more attractive place to live. The gardening competition recognises outstanding examples of gardens and floral displays.


    Castle Mews, St Albans City and District Council

    Providing homes for young people with disabilities 
    The Castle Mews project has provided purpose-built accommodation for physically and sensory disabled young persons, enabling them to live a full and independent life in St Albans City and District.

    Jubilee Community Centre

    Provision of a community centre in St Albans 
    A former school building has been refurbished to provide St Albans residents with access to a community centre. Volunteers from local employer Premier Foods helped refurbish the centre.

    recycling collections, St Albans City and District Council

    Twin bins help the District meet recycling target 
    The introduction of a twin bin system has helped increase the amount of household waste recycled in the District from 36.35% in 2007/8 to 50.32% in 2009/10, enabling us to beat our target.

    customer pledge, St Albans City and District Council

    A new streamlined complaints procedure
    We have introduced a clear customer pledge and a streamlined complaints procedure so that everyone can understand what to expect from the Council and what should happen if things go wrong.


    Executive Forum, St Albans

    St Albans Executive Forum launched
    An Executive Forum was launched in March 2009 to help provide unemployed professionals living in St Albans City and District with the tools and resources to find new jobs.

    Meals on Wheels, Jubilee Cebtre, St Albans

    Meals on Wheels service made more effective
    St Albans City and District Council worked with Hertfordshire County Council to help transfer the District's Meals on Wheels service in 2009 to a new county-wide service. 

    Caroline Sharpe House

    Redevelopment of sheltered housing
    The Council has embarked on a long-term project to redevelop sheltered housing for the elderly in the District so that the quality of available accommodation is improved.

    Building Control

    Talent management initiative launched
    The Council has introduced apprenticeships and set up a university bursary scheme as part of a talent management initiative.

    St Peter's Street, St Albans

    City Vision
    A new long-term vision for St Albans is being developed.

    Date of last review: 03 July 2015