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Question by a member of the public to Councillor Rowlands, Portfolio Holder for Community, Leisure and Sport

“In the Background Briefing Note to Full Council on 20th February on the Petition for Alban Way Lighting from Camp Road to Orient Close, it identified "public safety-related improvements which could reasonably be made, within the next few months" to the petition stretch of the Alban Way that "will be funded from current budget provision" of

• A general cutting back of scrub and foliage along the stretch, at least 1.0m from the path edge.
• Cutting back some of the tree canopy, to increase natural light levels along the path.

When will this be done?”


“The section of the Alban Way between Orient Close and Camp Road is covered in the associated Green Space Action Plan. That Plan includes actions to undertake scrub vegetation, coppicing and tree works.

A volunteer group working with the Countryside & Rights of Way Service (formerly Countryside Management Service) will tackle the scrub and foliage removal works in the new year. The Countryside & Rights of Way team have also been in contact with specialist contractors to manage the tree works.

Both actions will be completed by February 2020. This deadline is recognised as being before the start of the bird nesting season. The Council has also given permission to the Fire Service to undertake their chainsaw training in suitable wooded areas along the Alban Way.”

Date of last review: 06 December 2019

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