District Council Election Results 4th May 2006

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St Peters
Marshalswick South
Colney Heath
London Colney
Marshalswick North
Park Street
St. Stephen
Harpenden North
Harpenden East
Harpenden South
Harpenden West
Council Structure

Ward: Batchwood
Cadish, SaraConservative524 
Mills, GillianGreen Party204 
Mills, RomaLabour827Elected
Witherick, Allan Siao MingLiberal Democrat587 
Electorate 5078% Turnout 42.43
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Ward: St Peters
Dunleavy, Winifred MaryLabour464 
Green, Michael AndrewLiberal Democrat915Elected
Mukherjee, DebashisConservative398 
Tizzard, Kristian DavidGreen Party240 
Electorate 5091% Turnout 39.67
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Ward: Verulam
Campbell, Susan HeatherLiberal Democrat1116 
Cloke, JaneLabour146 
Grover, Margaret RebeccaGreen Party211 
Willcocks, IreneConservative1167Elected
Electorate 4950% Turnout 53.45
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Ward: Sopwell
Hardy, Thomas Woodburne BruceGreen Party230 
Poor, David JohnLiberal Democrat671Elected
Pratley, Dawn ValerieLabour605 
Rench, Heather ChristineConservative516 
Electorate 5038% Turnout 40.31
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Ward: Cunningham
Hardy, Rosalind Kate RutherfordGreen Party200 
Kadir, AbdulLabour414 
Prowse, Robert GrahamLiberal Democrat898Elected
Vessey, James EdwardConservative654 
Electorate 4596% Turnout 46.45
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Ward: Ashley
Clough, Stephen JamesGreen Party224 
Khan, RafatConservative551 
Pakenham, Malachy FrancisLabour597 
Rowlands, Anthony FrancisLiberal Democrat844Elected
Electorate 5118% Turnout 43.68
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Ward: Clarence
Grover, Simon JonathanGreen Party298 
Lee, David AlanLabour339 
Lifely, Katharine RuthConservative596 
Lusby, Joyce MaryLiberal Democrat918Elected
Electorate 4573% Turnout 47.25
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Ward: Marshalswick South
Ewington, Mark AntonyGreen Party251 
Gaygusuz, MehmetConservative985Elected
Hale, Jennifer NellieLiberal Democrat953 
Nicholson, Anthony WilliamLabour343 
Electorate 4979% Turnout 51.09
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Ward: Colney Heath
Cloke, Alan JamesConservative616 
Day, Ian JamiesonLiberal Democrat823Elected
Eggleston, Peter RichardGreen Party84 
Watson, GordonLabour146 
Electorate 4013% Turnout 41.76
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Ward: London Colney
Gordon, Etheldreda MaryLabour960Elected
Metcalf, Kate HelenGreen Party155 
Prowse, Carol SheilaLiberal Democrat241 
Winstone, David MarkConservative790 
Electorate 6154% Turnout 35.13
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Ward: Sandridge
Caddy, Lorna-MayGreen Party143 
Churchard, JanetLiberal Democrat403 
Mulholland, MichaelLabour151 
Read, Beric JohnathanConservative880Elected
Electorate 3695% Turnout 42.80
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Ward: Marshalswick North
Baughan, John PhilipLabour178 
Clegg, Thomas OliverLiberal Democrat1186Elected
Foster, JohnConservative811 
Paul, Rosalind MaryGreen Party170 
Electorate 4721% Turnout 50.09
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Ward: Park Street
Allen, Patricia MaryLabour170 
Easton, Jack EdwardGreen Party101 
Griffiths, MargaretConservative868 
Lee, AislinnLiberal Democrat1233Elected
Electorate 5152% Turnout 46.21
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Ward: St. Stephen
Blackwell, Janet ElizabethLabour201 
Davis, Margaret Ann McleodGreen Party153 
Garrard, Patricia RoseConservative1329Elected
Parry, David JohnLiberal Democrat593 
Electorate 4921% Turnout 46.45
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Ward: Wheathampstead
Patrick, Gillian KathrynGreen Party115 
Shardlow, Judith ClaireLiberal Democrat1132Elected by lot 
Stammers, KeithConservative1132 
Woodhams, Peter LeslieLabour94 
Electorate 4594% Turnout 54.07
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Ward: Redbourn
Carr, Susan Judith ScottConservative1039Elected
Hill, Edward JohnLabour138 
Manning, Ann DorothyLiberal Democrat745 
Riener,Gregory ScottGreen Party126 
Electorate 4595% Turnout 44.80
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Ward: Harpenden North
Bradbury, Sasha LouiseGreen Party147 
Phillips, Jeffrey KyndonLiberal Democrat578 
Ross, Rosemary ElsbethLabour166 
Turner, Geoffrey HowardConservative1236Elected
Electorate 5019% Turnout 42.60
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Ward: Harpenden East
Crew, David EarneeLabour169 
Steer, Alison MaryLiberal Democrat1135Elected
Taylor-Roome, DeniseGreen Party140 
Wakely, Michael JamesConservative1044 
Electorate 5189% Turnout 48.20
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Ward: Harpenden South
Carden, MaryLiberal Democrat313 
Harber, Eric StanchellGreen Party150 
Heritage, Teresa CatherineConservative1606Elected
Spiri, Linda AnnLabour160 
Electorate 5089% Turnout 44.10
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Ward: Harpenden West
Chamberlain, AllenConservative1606Elected
Rayner, Elizabeth ConstanceLabour158 
Scheimann, MarcGreen Party207 
Skinner, Mary ClaytonLiberal Democrat410 
Electorate 5326% Turnout 44.90

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Council Structure
Liberal Democrats29

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Date of last review: 20 September 2008