District Council Election Results 3rd May 2007

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St Peters
Marshalswick South
Colney Heath
London Colney
Marshalswick North
Park Street
St. Stephen
Harpenden North
Harpenden East
Harpenden South
Harpenden West

Ward: Batchwood
Cadish, SaraConservative515 
Leach, Martin DavidLabour695Elected
Mills, GillianGreen Party193 
Witherick, Allan Siao MingLiberal Democrat603 
Electorate 5227% Turnout 38.55
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Ward: St Peters
Grover, SimonGreen Party363 
Jewitt, MickLabour375 
Mukherjee, DebashisConservative419 
Pia, JackLiberal Democrat770Elected
Electorate 5268% Turnout 36.75
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Ward: Verulam
Cotton, Keith MichaelConservative987 
Frearson, Martin JohnLiberal Democrat1357Elected
Gipps, JillLabour122 
Grover, Margaret RebeccaGreen Party149 
Electorate 5015% Turnout 52.28
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Ward: Sopwell
Axworthy, RogerLiberal Democrat612 
Hardy, Thomas Woodburne BruceGreen Party193 
Harris, Eileen RosemaryLabour704Elected
Rench, Heather ChristineConservative393 
Electorate 5035% Turnout 38.07
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Ward: Cunningham
Donald, RobertLiberal Democrat1114Elected
Easton, JackGreen Party150 
Paton, John MackenzieLabour226 
Vessey, James EdwardConservative578 
Electorate 4703% Turnout 43.91
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Ward: Ashley
Bradbury, SashaGreen Party270 
Cooper, Alistair TerrenceLabour390 
Khan, RafatConservative466 
Zia, IqbalLiberal Democrat793Elected
Electorate 5349% Turnout 36.19
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Ward: Clarence
Burton, ShielaLiberal Democrat1070Elected
Chakravorty, IndranilConservative433 
Eggleston, PeterGreen Party255 
Pearce, Christine LesleyLabour229 
Electorate 4652% Turnout 42.78
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Ward: Marshalswick South
Blackwell, TimGreen Party172 
Groman, Jeffrey StephenConservative843 
Morris, KateLiberal Democrat1177Elected
Nicolson, Anthony WilliamLabour270 
Electorate 5092% Turnout 48.25
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Ward: Colney Heath
Brazier, ChrisLiberal Democrat1114Elected
Bruckdorfer, RichardLabour77 
Hardy, Rosalind KateGreen Party62 
Vessey, JoanneConservative403 
Electorate 4139% Turnout 40.18
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Ward: London Colney
Gardner, Katherine LucyLabour889Elected
Prowse, Carol SheilaLiberal Democrat221 
Winstone, David MarkConservative854 
Electorate 6494% Turnout 30.41
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Ward: Sandridge
Churchard, JanetLiberal Democrat329 
Cloke, JaneLabour162 
Leonard, Frances MaryConservative854Elected
Love, NaomiGreen Party133 
Electorate 3764% Turnout 39.4
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Ward: Marshalswick North
Churchard, GeoffLiberal Democrat1200Elected
Foster, JohnConservative744 
Mccourt, Ruairi AnthonyLabour138 
Paul, Rosalind MaryGreen Party117 
Electorate 4818% Turnout 45.89
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Ward: Park Street
Chester, LaurenceLabour160 
Clough, Stephen JamesGreen Party93 
Griffiths, MargaretConservative809 
Mcalistair-Baillie, NicolaLiberal Democrat1042Elected
Electorate 5206% Turnout 40.63
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Ward: St. Stephen
Allum, ThomasLiberal Democrat600 
Blackwell, Janet ElizabethLabour171 
El-Khouri, LydiaGreen Party90 
Myland, GordonConservative1244Elected
Electorate 5037% Turnout 41.89
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Ward: Wheathampstead
Davis, MegGreen Party94 
Oxley, ChrisLiberal Democrat1198Elected
Stammers, KeithConservative1103 
Woodhams, Peter LeslieLabour78 
Electorate 4588% Turnout 54.10
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Ward: Redbourn
Crawley, Maxine SusanConservative1007Elected
Metcalf, KateGreen Party79 
O'Donovan, ColinLiberal Democrat991 
Ross, Gavin James StirlingLabour95 
Electorate 4633% Turnout 47.10
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Ward: Harpenden North
Burrow, GordonLiberal Democrat420 
Pawle, BertConservative1260Elected
Ross, Rosemary ElsbethLabour167 
Tate, AnnettGreen Party132 
Electorate 5074% Turnout 39.10
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Ward: Harpenden East
Crew, David EarneeLabour170 
Phillips, JeffLiberal Democrat890 
Taylor-Roome, DeniseGreen Party109 
Wakely, Michael JamesConservative1183Elected
Electorate 5226% Turnout 45.3
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Ward: Harpenden South
Carden, MaryLiberal Democrat256 
Foster, Paul GuyConservative1582Elected
Hann, LornaGreen Party123 
Spiri, Linda AnnLabour172 
Electorate 5218% Turnout 41.00
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Ward: Harpenden West
Addiscott, TomLiberal Democrat438 
Chicester-Miles, Daniel JamesConservative1549Elected
Daly, Julian FrancisConservative1533Elected
Dearman, Benjamin JohnLabour196 
Moses, Albert Wilson NavaratnamLiberal Democrat448 
Rayner, Elizabeth ConstanceLabour183 
Scheimann, MarcGreen Party238 
Electorate 5417% Turnout 43.60
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Date of last review: 20 September 2008