May 2018 Elections

Results for the Thursday 3 May elections for the Council will appear here as well as results of a by-election for the St Albans North Division of Hertfordshire County Council and one for the North West Division of London Colney Parish Council. Results are expected from 12.45am on 4 May.

St Albans City and District Council Elections:

* Denotes sitting Councillor

E Indicates the elected candidate

Ward: Ashley
CHATRATH Jagat MohanLabour557
FARENGA Stephane AntoineGreen145
ROWLANDS Anthony Francis *Liberal Democrats1,407 E
WHALE John Stephen326
Electorate: 5,900Turnout: 41.41%

Ward: Batchwood
MILLS Roma *Labour1,238 E
NEEDHAM LizLiberal Democrats576
STANDISH Nadine LouiseConservative508
SWIFT Lucy CarolineGreen146
Electorate: 5,387Turnout: 46%

Ward: Clarence
BROOKE Caroline MaryLiberal Democrats1,370 E
HENRY Mary ClareGreen159
SEABRIGHT PattiConservative533
VEITCH Alexander CharlesLabour308
Electorate: 5,338Turnout: 44.45%

Ward: Colney Heath
DAY Jamie *Liberal Democrats853 E
FRANCIS EileenLabour242
JOHNS David MichaelConservative434
LANGTON Thomas WilliamGreen78
Electorate: 4,453Turnout: 36.13%

Ward: Cunningham
FLETCHER PhilGreen105
MALIN Alan RobertUKIP78
PROWSE Robert Graham *Liberal Democrats805 E
RAHIM Muhammad AbdurLabour596
TALLON Sarah GeorginaConservative544
Electorate: 4,872Turnout: 43.8%

Ward: Harpenden East
COZON Guy ChristianLiberal Democrats604
GILL James NathanieLabour361
MAYNARD Mary *Conservative1,048 E
Electorate: 5,575Turnout: 36.4%

Ward: Harpenden North
COUSIN PaulConservative982 E
PRIGGEN Melanie Woutera LucyLiberal Democrats586
SPIRI Linda AnnLabour241
Electorate: 5,589Turnout: 34.59%

Ward: Harpenden South
FRASER George MurrayLabour274
GALVIN Zoe FrancesLiberal Democrats350
HERITAGE Teresa Catherine *Conservative1,322 E
LEONARD SallyGreen111
Electorate: 5,384Turnout: 38,28%

Ward: Harpenden West
DALY Julian Francis *Conservative1,377 E
GRAY-HIGGINS Michael PhilipLabour313
WHITTOME CandyGreen125
WOODLEY Alison ClareLiberal Democrats553
Electorate: 5,825Turnout: 40.72%

Ward: London Colney
DUNSTER Robert AnthonyConservative784
FLYNN ChrisIndependent171
GARDNER Katherine Lucy *Labour963 E
LILLICO TonyLiberal Democrats394
MADDOCK MattGreen110
MASON Charles MichaelUKIP56
Electorate: 7,300Turnout: 33.97%

Ward: Marshalswick North
CLEGG Tom *Liberal Democrats1,014 E
DURAN Guillermo ClaudioConservative779
MCINTYRE Mary WinfredLabour307
THOMAS DeeGreen127
Electorate: 5,039Turnout: 44.16%

Ward: Marshalswick South
CAMPBELL Helen RosemaryLiberal Democrats1,113 E
DEVI SusanIndependent60
FOTHERGILL Craig StevenConservative927
MILLS JillGreen146
PEARCE Jonathan BrianLabour453
Electorate: 5,469Turnout: 49.46%

Ward: Park Street
ABIDI Syed Nafees HusainLiberal Democrats918
BLACKWELL Janet ElizabethLabour282
NASH Stella Maria NitaConservative1,008 E
PAUL Rosalind MaryGreen84
Electorate: 5,798Turnout: 39.63%

Ward: Redbourn
BRATTLE Christopher James MillwardLiberal Democrats223
FARENGA Ruth EleanorGreen135
MEAD Victoria Caroline *Conservative1,096 E
NEVILLE Anthony EricLabour330
Electorate: 4,888Turnout: 36.42%

Ward: Sandridge
ESTACCHINI StefaniaLiberal Democrats332
HEGERTY Jonathan BeretonLabour245
LOMAS James RichardGreen172
READ Beric Jonathan *Conservative786 E
Electorate: 3,753Turnout: 40.95%

Ward: Sopwell
GRANT Iain Charles *Labour834
RAHMAN ShakirLiberal Democrats1,234 E
RENCH Heather ChristineConservative331
Electorate: 5,379Turnout: 46.64%

Ward: St Peters
COTTON Keith MichaelGreen786
DAVIES Alun *Conservative721
EWINGTON Mark AntonyLabour341
TAYLOR JacquiLiberal Democrats849 E
Electorate: 6,382Turnout: 42.51%

Ward: St Stephen
FEATHERSTONE Sue *Conservative1,367 E
PARK-CROWNE Mark Stephen CharlesGreen100
ROSS AlisonLiberal Democrats473
TROY Heather JaneLabour212
Electorate: 5,324Turnout: 40.53%

Ward: Verulam
BAISLEY GordonLabour257
HILL Edgar *Liberal Democrats1,593 E
MCNALLY JosieGreen113
VERITY Nicholas PaulConservative858
Electorate: 5,636Turnout: 50.25%

Ward: Wheathampstead
BREWSTER Annie *Conservative1,297 E
CROFTS Andrew PeterLiberal Democrats281
HITCH Oliver JamesGreen147
SANKEY NeillLabour238
Electorate: 4,941Turnout: 39.85%

Hertfordshire County Council – by-election on Thursday 3 May

Division: St Albans North
GAYGUSUZ SalihConservative1,361
GROVER Simon JonathanGreen258
MILLS RomaLabour1,779 E
YOUNG KarenLiberal Democrats1,460
Electorate: 10,228Turnout: 47.6%

London Colney Parish Council – by-election on Thursday 3 May 2018

Ward: North West
LILLICO TonyLiberal Democrats153
MADDOCK MattGreen73
MORTUZA MohammadLabour339 E
PEARL Stephen HughConservative338
Electorate: 2,518Turnout: 36%

Political composition of the Council is now - Conservatives - 30 seats; Liberal Democrats - 19; Labour - 6; Greens - 1; Independents - 2.
Date of last review: 09 May 2018