Consultation to be held on options for new Cotlandswick leisure facility

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News release: 07 September 2011

St Albans City and District Council’s Cabinet has agreed to consult London Colney Parish Council and local District Councillors on the proposed options for the new leisure facility at Cotlandswick Open Space before proceeding with the project.

At a meeting on Tuesday 6 September, Cabinet agreed that the consultation would consider a number of issues, including the facility mix, the impact of traffic on the area, car parking and the location of the site within the Green Belt.

It has also asked that consideration be given to the staffing implications and workload for the Council in view of the need to rebuild the golf, bowls and tennis facilities at Batchwood following the fire last month and to complete the Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre development on time.

A report setting out the responses and comments from the consultation with local councillors will then be presented to Cabinet for consideration on 11 October.

Councillor Mike Wakely Portfolio Holder for Sports Leisure and Heritage at
St Albans City and District Council, said: “Cabinet feels that there is a need to fully consult with London Colney Parish Council and the District Councillors for the London Colney, Park Street and St Stephen wards about what is needed in the area and what would be acceptable. This will help us form a decision about how to proceed with plans for a new leisure facility in the vicinity.

“The Council is currently managing two other major leisure projects at the moment, rebuilding a new tennis facility at Batchwood, following the devastating fire in August, and completing the Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre. We need to be sure that there is sufficient capacity to also proceed with the Cotlandswick project at this time.”

The new Cotlandswick leisure facility was due to replace Bricket Wood Sports Centre which closed in February 2010 and London Colney Recreation Centre. The latter will remain open to the public for the foreseeable future.

Member contact:
Cllr Mike Wakely Portfolio Holder for Sports Leisure and Heritage
St Albans City and District Council
Tel: 01582 764688

Contact for the press:
Amanda Wilkinson, Communication Officer
St Albans City and District Council
Tel: 01727 819317

1. The full report on the Cotlandswick Leisure Facility is available on the Council’s website.

2. A webcast of the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, 6 September can be accessed via the Council’s website. People with access to an appropriate computer with broadband internet access and Microsoft Windows media player will be able to view the meeting.