About the Strategic Partnership

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About the Strategic Partnership

St Albans & District Strategic Partnership is a group of key local public, business and voluntary/community sector organisations working together to improve the quality of life for everyone in the District.

Structure of the Strategic Partnership

Following a review of the Strategic Partnership in 2011, a new Partnership framework has been developed to streamline the partnership structures and provide a more flexible and responsive way forward for partnership working across the District.

Executive and Themed Partnerships

The Strategic Partnership comprises of a group of core members that make up the Executive group, as well as many more organisations that play an active role in the delivery of the Partnership's objectives. The Executive group is responsible for setting the strategic direction and articulating the shared vision of the Partnership. Further engagement is undertaken through the Community and Stakeholder Conferences and through representation on the four themed Partnership groups:

Community Safety Partnership
• Economic Sustainability Partnership
• Inclusion and Equalities Partnership
Health and Well-Being Partnership

The four themed Partnerships are supported by a series of flexible task and finish groups, which help deliver the Strategic Partnership's key priorities and objectives through a variety of projects and initiatives.

Executive Committee

The Strategic Partnership Executive group is responsible for setting the overall strategic direction of the partnership and developing and implementing the priorities and objectives of the Sustainable Community Strategy.

Role of the Executive Committee

The Executive has responsibility to:

• implement the wider partnership vision
• report on vision activities to the Stakeholder group
• oversee the completion of the agreed work plan for the partnership
• drive and motivate partnership projects
• communicate the key activities of the partnership to interested parties
• consider, prioritise and recommend options for future activity of the partnership
• allocate funds to Community Strategy projects

The Executive consists of a Chair, Vice Chair and a representative from the following core members:

• St Albans City and District Council
• Hertfordshire County Council
• Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group
• Hertfordshire Constabulary (St Albans)
• Hightown Praetorian Churches Housing Association
• St Albans District Centre for Voluntary Service
• Oaklands College
• St Albans District Chamber of Commerce
• Representatives of the Primary and Secondary Schools
• St Albans Citizens Advice Bureau

The representative from each of these organisations must have responsibility for the District (regardless of the boundary of their own agency), and must occupy a position of responsibility to ensure any follow up action occurs within their own organisation. Individual organisations are to be called upon as necessary to attend the Executive Committee when their expertise is needed.

Themed Partnerships

To assist in the delivery of the Strategic Partnership's aims and objectives, the following four themed partnerships have been established:

• The Community Safety Partnership's role is to reduce, prevent and detect acquisitive crime offences and incidents of anti-social behaviour.
• The Economic Sustainability Partnership champions economic development and works to create a diverse and sustainable economy for the District see below.
• The Inclusion and Equalities Partnership role is to identify the needs and issues relating to Equalities, Diversity and Social Inclusion and develop creative solutions to address them.
• The Health and Well-Being Partnership's aim is to ensure that the promotion and delivery of health and well-being services locally, reflect the needs needs of the local community.

These groups are supported by a series of flexible working groups (e.g. Youth Action, Environmental), which are responsive to the changing landscape and emerging issues within the District.

Economic Sustainability Partnership

The Economic Sustainability Partnership (ESP) provides a strategic lead on employment, training and skills across the district. The ESP has a core of six organisations - District Chamber of Commerce, Oaklands College, St Albans District CVS, JobcentrePlus, the University of Hertfordshire and the District Council.

Its role includes:

• Coordinating and communicating information about economic development in the district
• Providing a link with the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)
• Supporting and maintaining existing best practice projects e.g. Management Forum (a job club to help to help redundant executives back into work), Dragons' Apprentice Challenge (a competition to help young people develop work related skills)
• Identifying and implementing new partnership projects

Date of last review: 09 November 2016