fairtrade townSt Albans was officially awarded Fairtrade City Status in May 2006 and is delighted that this certification was renewed in 2013. Being awarded this status means that our community have shown their commitment to supporting Fairtrade – a trade system which puts people not profit, at the heart of the transaction.

Products marked with the FairTrade label guarantee minimum social, economic and environmental requirements for producers. Unfortunately the current trade system traditionally disadvantages the poorest, weakest producers. This mark ensures provides independent certification that the producers involved have received fair prices for their products, decent working conditions and the power to improve their position and have more control over their lives.

The St Albans Fairtrade Steering Group, made up of the Council, Oxfam St Albans, the Co-operative, Traidcraft, local Soroptimists, business owners and other groups and individuals, have been at the heart of this work. The group are active in the community, encouraging businesses to stock Fairtrade products and engaging with consumers to raise awareness of the benefits of purchasing FairTrade products.

As a Council we are committed to supporting this campaign. We continue to serve Fairtrade marked products within our own offices and support the Fairtrade Steering Group.

Date of last review: 17 August 2017