The travel patterns of Council staff will directly impact on congestion and air quality in the district, as well as the Council's own carbon footprint and the well-being of staff. 

The Council's Green Travel Plan sets out the actions we will take between 2016-2018 to reduce the the impacts of business travel. We have successfully reduced our business mileage by more than 50% since 2008 and we are committed to continuous improvement.

A range of benefits and facilities are available for staff including:   

  • Bicycles (manual and electric) are available for staff to use during working hours for business purposes.
  • Interest free loans are available to employees to enable them to buy a bicycle. 
  • Interest free loans are available to employees for the purchase of a rail season ticket.
  • Discounts are provided for monthly bus and rail tickets 
  • Shower and secure bike storage facilities are available for cyclists
  • Lease cars registered after April 2016 are limited to a maximum emissions rating of 125gm carbon dioxide
Green Travel Graphic
Date of last review: 05 May 2016