Sustainable procurement

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Collectively, local authorities are one of the largest consumers of goods and services in the UK. St Albans City and District Council is committed to procuring its goods and services in a responsible and well considered manner to minimise impacts on the environment or people.

The Council's Sustainable Procurement Policy sets out our commitments and the principles that Council departments must apply throughout the procurement process. This includes buying goods and services, tendering new contracts, designing new buildings and renovating and maintaining existing buildings.

Supplier Emissions Reporting

We encourage all contractors working on behalf of the Council, to reduce their environmental impacts wherever possible. As part of our work to monitor and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we ask our largest contractors to submit annual reports to us on their fuel and energy use. Their greenhouse gas emissions are then incorporated to our annual report. 

Full guidance for suppliers on how to complete these submissions, plus the supplier spreadsheet are provided below.

Conflict Minerals

Subject to procurement constraints, preference will be given to suppliers that are conflict mineral free or have clear policies and plans to become so.

Date of last review: 22 August 2017