Reducing our waste

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Office recycling

We operate a full recycling system across our offices, to ensure that we reduce the amount of waste that we send to landfill.

We currently recycle the following materials in our internal system:

  • Paper

  • Cardboard 

  • Plastic containers

  • Tins and cans

  • Electronic and electrical equipment

  • Batteries

  • Food waste 

  • Printer cartridges (most models)

Additionally, we have the following facilities available for the public to use in the ground floor reception area of the District Council Offices:

  • Electronic and electrical equipment (household waste only)

  • Batteries (all types of domestic batteries are accepted)

  • Charity donation box (for unwanted items in good condition)

We also encourage our staff to make conscious decisions to minimise waste generated:

  • Double-sided printing reduces waste paper

  • One-sided scrap paper is recycled into paper pads

  • The coffee cart in the District Council Offices offers discounts to staff for using reusable cups

  • Our Sustainable Procurement Policy encourages staff to consider the environmental impact of the whole life cycle when procuring a product

We also encourage contractors working on behalf of the Council to reduce their waste as far as possible.

District Council Offices Waste Audit

In March 2016, we produced a report on our recycling and waste management performance at the District Council Offices. The report is based on the latest audit of residual waste, conducted in November 2015, and is compared to the results of two previous audits.