Alzey is the German twin town of Harpenden. It is a small bustling market town not far from Mainz in the middle of the Rheinhessen wine-producing area. A Wine Festival is held in Alzey in September each year and is very popular. The two towns have been twinned since 1963. The 25th anniversary of the twinning was marked by the planting of an oak tree in Harpenden and the placing of a bench seat on the Common.

Friendship Association

The Friends of Alzey were formed in 1981 as a friendship group with the aims of promoting contact with Alzey by organising community exchanges and also holding monthly German conversation groups, social events and other cultural events to foster interest in the German language and culture. Details of their current activities can be obtained from:

The Secretary: Mrs Nuri Wyeth 01582 768880

Town Scenes

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Twinning Reports

The Friends of Alzey hold German conversation evenings on the third Monday of each month. For more information on the activities of our group, including the programme of conversation evenings please contact Mrs Nuri Wyeth (Honorary Secretary) on 01582 768880 or at

Harpenden Visits Alzey - 2008

Harpenden visits Alzey

27 visitors from Harpenden were in German twin town Alzey at the weekend on a trip organised by the Friends of Alzey.

John Lough, Chairman of the Friends of Alzey, said the visit "underlined the strong personal friendships that have grown up between  our two  towns".

Alzey with a population of 18,500 is in the heart of Germany's main wine-growing area in the Rhineland-Palatinate region south of Frankfurt.

Lodged with host families, the group from Harpenden enjoyed a varied programme of hospitality, including a day at the Bingen Garden Show, a tour of Frankfurt, a festive dinner at the home of a local wine grower as well as time relaxing with their hosts.

The visit followed a visit to Harpenden last summer by the Friends of Harpenden in Alzey.

“Trips of this kind are fascinating”, John Lough said, “They allow you to get to know a country through its people.   I hope that more people from Harpenden can become involved and enjoy the great links that have been established between our communities."

Information about the Friends of Alzey is available from John Lough at

Alzey visits Harpenden in the rain - August 2007

Alzey friends reunited in Harpenden


36 visitors from twin town Alzey travelled to Harpenden last week for a three day visit marking 25 years of personal links between the two towns.

The German "Friends of Harpenden" stayed with host families in Harpenden and were treated to an exciting programme of activities, including a boat trip on Regent's Canal and a Dinner with Scottish entertainment at Park Hall.

The visit was organised by Harpenden's "Friends of Alzey" who develop personal ties with the German town as part of the twinning.

There was time for the German visitors to spend a day relaxing with their host families, visiting local sights and deepening the friendships that exist between the two communities.

Margit Hosseini from the German Embassy's Cultural Department, was the Guest of Honour at the Dinner. She noted the warm and relaxed atmosphere that has become the hallmark of the visits to and from Alzey. "I see a lot of twinnings, and I can tell you this is a good one", Hosseini said. "It's wonderful to see young people involved."

Alzey with a population of 18,500 is in the heart of wine-growing country in the Rhineland-Palatinate region south of Frankfurt.

The Secretary of the Friends of Alzey, Nuri Wyeth, said the visit had been "hugely enjoyed on both sides". "Over the years, warm and close relations have developed between our two communities. We all agree that these are something special and need to be cherished."

The Friends of Alzey hold monthly German conversation evenings as well as other activities. For further details, contact Nuri Wyeth: tel: 01582 768880,

Date of last review: 15 September 2008