Trafalgar bicentenary celebrations

On 28th June 2005, the Mayor Cllr Malcolm MacMillan joined HMS St Albans for the International Fleet Review during the Trafalgar bicentennial celebrations.
The Mayor says: "I had the privilege of taking part in the Trafalgar celebrations on HMS St Albans. Being part of an historic occasion was as memorable as was the enthusiasm from the crew of the ship about receiving the Freedom of our City. The captain and crew are very proud of their links with us, and I was very proud to be your representative when Her Majesty reviewed the fleet."

25-HMS St Albans (1)25-HMS St Albans (2)
The Mayor Cllr Malcolm MacMillan
with the CO, Cdr Steve Dainton
The Mayor of St Albans, Cllr Malcolm MacMillan with the CO, Cdr Steve Dainton.
This presentation is of a brass 3lb saluting gun cartridge, it had been fired at noon to clear the anchorage of small yachts in preparation for the start of the International Fleet Review
HMS St AlbansHMS St Albans
 Officers 'Cheering Ship'
3 cheers for HM The Queen
HMS Endurance passing HMS St Albans

HMS St Albans

The City & District of St Albans has formed friendship links with HMS St Albans. The Mayor, Councillor Gordon Myland granted the Freedom of the City to the ship's company at a special ceremony on Sunday 18th July 2004.

HMS St Albans (F83) is a Type 23 'Duke' Class frigate of the Royal Navy, she was the 16th and final ship of the class and is the sixth ship to honour the Duke of St Albans. She was launched from the BAE Systems yard on the River Clyde in Glasgow, on 6th May 2000. St Albans is manned by 185 crew.

Photos from Affiliates Day 20th Oct 03

25-HMS St Albans (5)25-HMS St Albans (6)25-HMS St Albans (7)
HMS St AlbansHMS St AlbansLt Cdr Gordon Ruddock takes The Mayor & Deputy Mayor on a tour of the ship
25-HMS St Albans (8)25-HMS St Albans (9)25-HMS St Albans (10)
The Mayor & Deputy mayor on the top deckThe Mayor & Deputy Mayor are shown the bridgeLeaving Portsmouth for exercises on the south coast
25-HMS St Albans (11)25-HMS St Albans (12)25-HMS St Albans (13)
The ship's Lynx helicopter performed an aerobatic display & landed back on board the shipCommander Knibbs & The Mayor exchange giftsThe Mayor descends from the moving ship to a tug, which will return the visitors to Portland
25-HMS St Albans (14)
The Mayor on a tug after a safe descent from the ship
Date of last review: 15 September 2008