Nyiregyhaza, Hungary

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A friendship link was created with Nyíregyháza in 1994, following a decision by the City and District Council to create a link with an Eastern European country following the collapse of the Berlin Wall. The link was upgraded to a full town twinning in 1996.

Nyíregyháza is situated in the north east of Hungary and is the county town of the region. It is not too far from the borders of Romania and the Ukraine. The name of the town first appears in 1326.

Nyíregyháza is the seventh largest town in Hungary, with a population of 120,000. It is a town with a large population of young people. The Sóstó spa is a beautiful parkland area with an outdoor country museum and a zoo, and receives many visitors each year.

Friendship Association

The St Albans-Nyíregyháza Friendship Association undertakes exchanges with Nyíregyháza and organises social and other activities. Details of their current activities can be obtained by contacting:

Mrs Betty Hayward
Tel: 01727 865687

Town Scenes

Below are some photos taken during the Civic Delegation of The Mayor, Cllr Jenny Stroud & Consort representing St Albans to Nyiregyhaza, Hungary 12th - 15th September 2003.

35-Nyiregyhaza, Hungary (1)35-Nyiregyhaza, Hungary (2)
Welcome dinner with the Deputy Mayor, his daughter and Chairman of the EU Integration & Foreign Affairs Committee.Exchange of gifts between the Mayors.
35-Nyiregyhaza, Hungary (3)35-Nyiregyhaza, Hungary (4)
Local craftworkLocal press coverage

Carnival Procession & Fruit Festival

35-Nyiregyhaza, Hungary (5)
The Mayor Cllr Jenny Stroud & The Mayor of Nyiregyhaza, Mrs Judit Csabai take part in the Carnival Procession by coach.
35-Nyiregyhaza, Hungary (6)35-Nyiregyhaza, Hungary (9)
35-Nyiregyhaza, Hungary (7)35-Nyiregyhaza, Hungary (8)
35-Nyiregyhaza, Hungary (10)35-Nyiregyhaza, Hungary (11)
35-Nyiregyhaza, Hungary (12)
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