The twinning link between the City and District and Odense began in 1948 when representatives from Odense were invited to attend the St Albans Pageant at the suggestion of Count Scheel, a citizen of Odense who had lived in St Albans for many years. The historical connection between the two cities began when King Canute was said to have taken to Denmark, an arm of St Alban who was executed in AD303. There is also a church of St Alban in Odense and a large brewery producing Albani Beer.

Odense is the main town on the island of Funen and is the third largest city in Denmark, with a population of over 170,000 people. It is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. The city celebrated its Millennium in 1988.

The golden anniversary of the twinning between the City and District and Odense was celebrated in 1998 and preparations are underway to mark the 60th anniversary of the link. The highlight of celebrations will be when the Mayor of St Albans welcomes a civic delegation from Odense in the Spring of 2008.

Friendship Association

The Hertfordshire Anglo-Scandinavian Society promotes interest in all the Scandinavian countries (not just Denmark) and organises social and cultural events. Details of their current activities can be obtained by contacting:

The Secretary:
Birgit Thompson
Tel: 01582 763808

The Society meets monthly at 8.00pm at St.Mary's Church Hall, Sherwood Avenue, St.Albans.

Twinning Reports

There is great interest in schools in Odense in establishing pen friend and e-mail contacts with schools in St Albans City and District. If any school is interested in setting up such exchanges please contact for the attention of Mr Henrik Poulsen who will put schools in touch with each other.

Date of last review: 15 September 2008