Disablement Band Relief

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Who is entitled to apply for this reduction?

If you are disabled, or have someone who is disabled living with you, a reduction in your Council Tax may be applicable. A qualifying individual for the purposes of this reduction is a person who is substantially and permanently disabled whether by illness, injury or congenital deformity or otherwise.

How do you qualify?

 The dwelling must be the sole or main residence of a qualifying individual in which there is provided:-

i. A room which is not a bathroom, kitchen or a lavatory and which is predominantly used (whether providing therapy or otherwise) by and is required for meeting the needs of any qualifying individual resident in the dwelling; or

ii. A bathroom or kitchen which is not the only bathroom or kitchen within the dwelling and which is required for meeting the needs of any qualifying individual resident in the dwelling: or

iii. Sufficient floor space to permit the use of a wheelchair required for meeting the needs of any qualifying individual resident in the dwelling. (A wheelchair is not considered as required for meeting the needs of an individual resident if they do not use it within the dwelling)

Additional information

By the use of the expression 'required for meeting the needs of any qualifying individual' this means, anything which is essential or of major importance to the qualifying individuals wellbeing by reason of the nature and extent of that person's disability.

In respect of part (i) there must be a causative link between the room and the person's disability. Therefore the predominant use of that room must be specifically linked to their disability and needs e.g. a room containing equipment such as a dialysis machine, room used for therapy, braille equipment, specialist lighting etc. will link the person, their disability and the need for that room. However, using a room on the ground floor within the property as a bedroom would not be sufficient as a bedroom would be considered as required by everyone whether upstairs or downstairs even where mobility may be limited.

To apply please click on the link here or alternatively complete the form below and return it to us by post or email at counciltaxinspectors@stalbans.gov.uk. Following receipt one of our officers will contact you. In most instances a visit will need to be made to consider your application.

Date of last review: 20 December 2018