Pay your bill by 12 monthly instalments

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You can now pay your Council Tax bill over 12 monthly instalments instead of 10 within a financial year.

If you wish to pay your bill over 12 months please e-mail your name, address and Council Tax Account number to

If you wish to pay your bill over 12 months you should pay the instalment due on 1st April as shown on your latest Council Tax bill and, providing we receive your request before 14th April, we will be able to recalculate your remaining monthly instalments between May and the following March.

If we receive your request after 14th April we can extend the period of your instalments to the following March but you will need to pay the April and May instalment as shown on your latest Council Tax bill so that you have 12 monthly instalments within the financial year.

Any new residents who move into our area can ask to pay their latest Council Tax bill until the following March and have their future Council Tax bills recalculated over the 12 months of each future financial year.

If you pay your bill by direct debit you can also spread your bill over 12 instalments via your MyStalbans Account. Please visit for more details.

Date of last review: 06 March 2019