Where does it go? (A-Z of recycling)

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MaterialPaper & cardboardPlastic, Cans & GlassGarden  FoodRefuseBulky wasteRecycling banksOther
Aerosols (metal and empty)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banksHWRC
Aluminium (metal)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banksHWRC
Asthma inhaler 
Bags (plastic carrier) Brown

Supermarkets often have carrier bag recycling points
Bathroom fittings and furniture Bulky waste
Batteries - car (electrical) HWRC
Batteries - all other types (electrical) 

Leave in carrier bag next to your recycling biin and box. See small electricals & textiles

Beds Bulky wasteCharity furniture shops
Bonfires See Air pollution
Books (paper and card)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banksHWRC
Bottles and jars (glass)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banksHWRC
Bottles (plastic)Plastic, Cans & glass Recycling banksHWRC
Branches and twigs (garden waste)Green HWRC
Brass (metal) HWRC
Bricks and building rubble HWRC
Brochures (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banksHWRC
Bubble wrap Brown
Bulky items Bulky wasteHWRC
Business waste see gov.uk

Caddy (kitchen)FoodFood Waste
Cans (metal)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banksHWRC 
Carbon monoxide detector (alarm) Leave in carrier bag next to your recycling biin and box. See small electricals & textiles
CardboardPaper & Cardboard Recycling banksHWRC 
Cards (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banksHWRC 
Carpets Bulky waste
Carrier bags (plastic) Brown

Car parts (metal/plastic/glass)  HWRC 
Cartons (food and drink tetra-pak) BrownRecycling banksCheck here to find out where you can recycle Cartons 
CataloguesPaper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Cat litter Brown
Cellophane Brown
Cereal boxesPaper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Chemicals - household/garden HWRC
Christmas trees (real)Green HWRC
Clingfilm Brown
Clinical waste Clinical waste
Clothing Recycling banksSmall electricals & textiles 


Compostable liners Food
Computers and monitors (electrical) HWRC
Cooking fat (oil) 
Copper (metal) HWRC
Cork  Brown
Directories (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Disposable nappies (see nappies) BrownNappy service
Dog and cat faeces BrownStreet Cleansing
Drain pipes HWRC
Duvets and pillows 
Recycling banksHWRC
Egg boxes (cardboard)Paper & Cardboard 
Cardboard boxesPaper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Plastic boxes (food containers)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Egg shells
Electrical items - large HWRC Recycling Sites
Electrical items - small 

Leave in carrier bag next to your waste containers.

Small electricals & textiles

Energy saving light bulbs HWRC Supermarkets
Engine oil plastic container (empty)Plastic, Cans & Glass 
Envelopes (including plastic windows)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Fabrics (textiles) Recycling banksSmall electricals & textiles

Fire alarm (detector) Leave in carrier bag next to your recycling biin and box. See small electricals & textiles
Fizzy drink bottles (glass or plastic)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks

Flower pots (plastic) Brown
Foil (metal)Plastic, Cans & Glass 

Food waste  Food
Fridges and freezers (electrical) Bulky wasteHWRC
Furniture Bulky WasteHWRC
Garden furniture Bulky wasteHWRC
Garden waste Green HWRC
Gas cylinders HWRC
Gift wrap (paper)Paper & Cardboard 
Glass (from mirrors and windows)
Glass bottles and jars - see bottlesPlastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Glasses - eye charity shops, opticians
Grass cuttingsGreen HWRC
Greeting cards (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Hardcore (bricks/rubble) HWRC
Hazardous waste 
Hazardous Waste
Hypodermic needles Clinical waste
Inkjet cartridges check with suppliers, charities such as RNLI
Jars (glass)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Juice bottles (plastic/glass) see bottlesPlastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks

Junk mail (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Kitchen foil (metal)Plastic, Cans & Glass 
Kitchen caddy  Food
Kitchen towels (paper)Paper & Cardboard Brown
Kitchen waste (food/bones etc)  Food
Light bulbs (electrical) HWRC Supermarkets (Warning: Hazardous Waste)
Energy saving light bulbs BrownHWRC Supermarkets (Warning: Hazardous Waste)
Loo rolls (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Magazines (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks

Margarine tubs (plastic)Plastic, Cans & Glass 
Mattresses Bulky waste
Metal (scrap) HWRC
Milk bottles (plastic/glass)Plastic, Cans & Glass 
Mobile phones (electrical) - see WEEE phone recycling schemes
Nappies BrownNappy scheme
Needles (hypodermic)  - see clinical waste See clinical waste
Newspapers (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling points
Oil (engine) - see engine oil HWRC
Oil (cooking) - see cooking oil HWRC
Packaging - see cardboard, plastic, glass etcPaper & CardboardPlastic, Cans & Glass 
Paint HWRC
PaperPaper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Pesticides Hazardous Waste
Pet food Brown
Plastic pots, tubs, trays, bottlesPlastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Hard plastics, such as flower pots,
garden furniture, children's toys, drain pipes

Plastic carrier bags Brownsome supermarkets
Plastic bottlesPlastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Polystyrene Brown
Printer cartridges various schemes, RNLI
'Pyrex' dishes Brown
Radiators (metal) HWRC
Real nappies see nappy scheme
Rubble HWRC
Shoes Recycling banks
Shredded paperPaper & Cardboard
Spectacles and sunglasses charity shops
Styrofoam (polystyrene) Brown
Takeaway food containersPlastic, Cans & Glass Brown
Foil - if cleanPlastic, Cans & Glass 
PaperPaper & Cardboard 
PlasticPlastic, Cans & Glass 
Telephone directories (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling points
Televisions and monitors (electrical) HWRC
'Tetra Pak' style cartons BrownRecycling banksCheck here to find out where you can recycle Cartons 
Textiles Recycling banksSmall electricals & textiles
Tiles HWRC
Timber and wood HWRC St Albans Wood Recycling
Tin cans (metal)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Tyres HWRC
Vegetable peelings (food waste) Food
Washing up liquid bottles (plastic)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Water filters BrownBrita scheme
(Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
Wrapping paperPaper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Yellow Pages (paper)Paper & Cardboard Recycling banks
Yoghurt pots (plastic)Plastic, Cans & Glass Recycling banks
Date of last review: 25 June 2018