Making food waste history

Ever wondered what happens to your food waste? Here’s a short film taken at the brand new A.D plant near London Colney.

The Council have introduced a new weekly food waste collection as part of the new recycling service. All houses have been delivered a food caddy to present at the kerbside each week with the other containers due for collection that day.

A number of houses previously received smaller caddies to be kept in the kitchen, there is limited stock still available on a first come basis. To request a small sink-side caddy please phone or email our contact centre. 

An initial supply of liners were provided with the caddy to help dispose of the food waste. 

However, due to the way the the facility recycles the food waste residents can now use corn starch or paper liners, carrier bags or plastic bags such as those bread comes in, but not black bags. 

Food caddy

food waste 

yes  YES to food waste. This includes fruit and veg, cooked and uncooked meat, bones, tea bags, and plate scrapings/leftovers. 

yesYou can use your small food caddy to make it easier to transfer food waste to your larger food caddy.

yesDO keep the lid closed to keep flies out and smells in.

yesYou can now use corn starch or paper liners, carrier bags or plastic bags such as those bread comes in

bewareDON'T put liquids or very wet food in your caddy.

bewareDON'T put black bags in your caddy.

bewareDON'T put plastics in the caddy.

Can I use liners to keep my food caddy clean?

We can now accept a variety of ways to wrap your food waste ready for collection. You can still use the compostable liners in either paper or corn starch, but now you can also use plastic bags such as carrier bags or bags that bread comes in. We cannot accept black bags of any kind or plastic packaging such as fruit punnets and ice cream tubs. 

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Where can I get more caddy liners from?

If you wish to continue using caddy liners you can purchase them from the larger branches of supermarkets. In addition online sites will sell the liners. The original liners supplied by the Council were intended to be used with the smaller sink side caddy, then once full transferred to the bigger caddy. Alternatively you can now use plastic bags to wrap your food. 

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How can I prevent fruit flies and maggots?

Wrap food waste properly. Make sure that the bin lid is shut properly and, where possible, store bins out of direct sun light. 

By minimising the amount of time food waste is left out before going in to the caddy this will reduce the chance of flies getting to the waste resulting in maggots.

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How can I prevent maggots?

See advice for hot weather on keeping flies and their maggots away.

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How do I line my food caddy with a caddy liner?

It is important to be able to close the lid on your caddy to keep out flies and keep in smells. Tie the liner to seal the food waste before putting it in the bigger caddy.

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Date of last review: 22 May 2017