Green Bin (or garden waste sacks)

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Food waste should NOT be placed in your green wheeled bin. Please use your food caddy to dispose of your food waste weekly.

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Top Tips: 

  • Please ensure any branches put in the green bins are no longer than the height of the bin. They must be cut to the length of the bin rather than folded down. If branches are any longer they can cause the bins to fall off the vehicles during the collection process and risk injuries to the crews and passers-by. Thank you for you co-operation. 
  • Residents are entitled to one green bin per property. 
  • Any residents who do not have a green wheeled bin can present their garden waste in canvas bags. We will collect up to 2 bags per fortnight of garden waste as this should provide the same capacity as a standard size green bin. Please call us to order these containers if you do not have them.

Where do I put my Vegware compostable food containers?

Sadly, whilst many companies are thinking about the products they use and choosing more sustainable options. We cannot accept Vegware (compostable food containers) in our food waste or garden waste collections. The facility we use would see that as 'contamination'. The only way it can be recycled is if you compost it at home. 

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Can I put food waste into my green bin?

No. Food waste must not go into the green bin. It should go into your food waste caddy.

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How can I prevent fruit flies and maggots?

Wrap food waste properly. Make sure that the bin lid is shut properly and, where possible, store bins out of direct sun light. 

By minimising the amount of time food waste is left out before going in to the caddy this will reduce the chance of flies getting to the waste resulting in maggots.

See advice for hot weather on keeping flies and their maggots away.

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Where do I put polystyrene?

Polystyene is not reycyclable and should be put into your brown refuse bin. If you have too much to fit into your bin you can take it to the Household Waste Recycling Centres. 

Some companies are now using biodegradable corn starch polystyrene. this can be placed in your sink and dissolved with water! 

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Date of last review: 30 May 2018