Green Bin (or garden waste sacks)

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Food waste should no longer go in your green wheeled bin, this is only for garden waste. Please use your food caddy to dispose of your food waste weekly.

NOTE: - Please ensure any branches put in the green bins are no longer than the height of the bin. They need to be cut to this length rather than just folded down. If branches are any longer they can cause the bins to fall off the vehicles during the collection process and risk injuries to the crews and passers-by. Thank you for you co-operation. 

Residents are entitled to one green bin per property. Any residents who do not have a green wheeled bin can present their garden waste in canvas bags and food waste in a caddy. We will collect up to 2 bags per fortnight of garden waste as this should provide the same capacity as a standard size green bin. Please call our contact centre to order these containers if you do not have them.

 garden waste 

yes  YES to organic garden waste e.g. grass cuttings, leaves, small branches (cut up), etc.

yesYES to hay/straw for animal bedding (for vegetarian pets).

bewareDON'T put your cardboard in your green bin any longer

bewareDON'T put soil in your green bin.


DON'T put your food waste in your green bin any longer. Please put it in your food caddy for the weekly collection service.


Don't put shredded paper in your green bin

Date of last review: 12 October 2017