The Tree Sponsorship scheme, managed jointly by St Albans City and District Council and St Albans Civic Society, was re-launched in 2011 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Civic Society.

If you would like to sponsor a tree in memory of a loved one, in honour of an organisation or an event, you can choose a tree and a location from the table below showing where new trees are needed in parks and green spaces. To see the proposed position, just click on the tree reference number.

All sponsored trees ordered by the end of September each year, will be delivered in one batch from the suppliers. They will be planted in the Winter season, which is the best time.

The cost will vary depending upon the tree and the suppliers’ prices at the time of ordering but will also include the planting and all materials required to plant it and we provide two years dedicated maintenance with watering.

Examples: a Cherry is approximately £157 and a Maidenhair is approximately £231. In the unfortunate event that a sponsored tree should die or be vandalised, the Council will replace it free of charge. An estimate can be given if you telephone the Council’s Landscape and Trees Section on 01727 866100 or email at You may also reserve a specific tree for up to 14 days.

Please first read the Terms and Conditions and then use the application form below to register your interest. Please send to our Trees and Woodlands section.

Examples of some of the trees that you can select from the list

CherryField MapleHawthorn
CherryField MapleHawthorn
LimeMaidenhairMountain Ash
LimeMaidenhairMountain Ash
OakOrnamental PearCherry and Crabapple blossom test 2
OakOrnamental PearCherry & Crabapple Blossom

Tree Sponsorship Book and web pages

Tree sponsorship book front cover

If you wish, an artist commissioned by the Civic Society will create a dedicated page in the Tree Sponsorship Book illustrating your chosen tree and including a short message or dedication, at no extra cost.

Selected pages of this book will be displayed in a case in the reception area of the Council offices. Any new pages, from September 2011 onwards, will be put on the Tree Sponsorship Book web pages (with your permission), so friends and relatives anywhere in the world can view it online.

Trees available for sponsorship

LocationTree ReferenceSpeciesStatus
Clarence ParkAD000029Liquidambar (sweet gum)Sponsored
Clarence ParkAD000030EuodiaSponsored
Clarence ParkAD000031CherrySponsored
Clarence ParkAD000032Prunus speciesSponsored
Clarence ParkAD000033Bird CherryNot available
Clarence ParkAD000034Field MapleSponsored
Clarence ParkAD000035YewSponsored
Clarence ParkAD000036Copper BeechSponsored
Clarence ParkAD000037Purple PlumNot Available
Clarence ParkAD000038Field MapleSponsored
Clarence ParkAD000039False AcasiaSponsored
Clarence ParkAD698Monkey PuzzleSponsored
Clarence ParkAD000041Foxglove TreeSponsored
Clarence ParkAD000059Golden Rain TreeSponsored
Clarence ParkAD000064MagnoliaSponsored
Clarence ParkAD000181Copper BeechSponsored
Clarence Park21222Golden Rain TreeSponsored
Fleetville Recreation GroundAD000042HornbeamAvailable
Fleetville Recreation GroundAD000043RowanAvailable
Fleetville Recreation GroundAD000044WhitebeamAvailable
Fleetville Recreation GroundAD000045Sweet ChestnutAvailable
Fleetville Recreation GroundAD000046OakReserved
Fleetville Recreation GroundAD000047BirchAvailable
Fleetville Recreation GroundAD000061Swedish WhitebeamAvailable
Fleetville Recreation GroundAD000062BirchSponsored
Longacre Open SpaceAD000110Cherry speciesSponsored
Longacre Open SpaceAD000111Cherry speciesSponsored
Longacre Open SpaceAD000112Field MapleSponsored
Longacre Open SpaceAD000113RowanSponsored
Longacre Open SpaceAD000114Turkish HazelSponsored
Longacre Open SpaceAD000115BirchSponsored
Longacre Open SpaceAD000116BirchSponsored
Longacre Open SpaceAD000117BirchSponsored
Longacre Open SpaceAD000118HawthornSponsored
Longacre Open SpaceAD000119Plum (Bullace)Sponsored
Parva CloseAD000196Crab AppleAvailable
Parva CloseAD000197Crab AppleAvailable
Parva CloseAD000198Cherry speciesAvailable
Parva CloseAD000199Purple PlumAvailable
Rothamsted Park0001099BirchSponsored
Rothamsted ParkAD000133Copper BeechSponsored
Rothamsted ParkAD000134Sweet ChestnutSponsored
Rothamsted ParkAD000135BeechSponsored
Rothamsted ParkAD000136Sessile OakSponsored
Rothamsted ParkAD000137WhitebeamAvailable
Rothamsted ParkAD000138Walnut (black)Reserved
Rothamsted ParkAD000143AlmondAvailable
Rothamsted ParkAD000144Pear speciesAvailable
Rothamsted ParkAD000145Holm OakSponsored
Rothamsted ParkAD000171Horse ChestnutSponsored
St Stephens HillAD000088OakSponsored
St Stephens HillAD000089Winter Flowering CherrySponsored
St Stephens HillAD000090RowanReserved
St Stephens HillAD000091OakSponsored
St Stephens HillAD000092Alder speciesReserved
St Stephens HillAD000093Alder speciesReserved
St Stephens HillAD000094Alder speciesReserved
St Stephens HillAD000095OakSponsored
St Stephens HillAD000096Cherry speciesReserved
St Stephens HillAD000097BirchReserved
St Stephens Recreation GroundAD000048Plum (Bullace)Available
St Stephens Recreation GroundAD000049Acer SpeciesReserved
St Stephens Recreation GroundAD000050Sessile OakSponsored
St Stephens Recreation GroundAD000051Swedish WhitebeamReserved
St Stephens Recreation GroundAD000052BirchReserved
St Stephens Recreation GroundAD000053AspenReserved
St Stephens Recreation GroundAD000054HornbeamSponsored
St Stephens Recreation GroundAD000055AshSponsored
St Stephens Recreation GroundAD000056Copper BeechSponsored
St Stephens Recreation GroundAD000063Crab AppleReserved
Verulamium ParkAD000065Willow speciesSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000066Atlas CedarSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000098Willow speciesSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000099Willow speciesSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000101AspenSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000102AspenSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000103Alder speciesSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000104Alder speciesSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000105Hybrid LarchSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000170English OakSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000182Acer speciesSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000183Acer speciesSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000485Alder speciesSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000571Crab AppleSponsored
Verulamium ParkAD000572LimeSponsored
Date of last review: 14 August 2019