Council leasehold services

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Model of flats in palm of hands Being a Leaseholder

Including your rights and responsibilities, insurance etc

privatehousingicon Selling or Letting your home

If you are considering subletting your flat or maisonette, transferring or re-selling your lease, please remember the following conditions:

picture of calculator, pound coins, silver ballpoint pen and pair of spectacles Service Charges

Service Charges

Young man smartly dressed with shirt and tie thinking about buying the freehold. Speech bubble with picture of house. Buying the Freehold

In order to do this there are certain criteria and qualifications to meet

extendicon Extending your lease

A longer lease is much more attractive to potential buyers.

majorworksicon Major Works

If the work will cost you more than £250 we must consult with you under Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.