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The Council administers Council Tax Reduction and Housing Benefit.

Council Tax Reduction

Helps people on low income to pay their Council Tax. You don't have to be renting your property to be entitled to Council Tax Reduction, you can claim it even if you own your home.

How much reduction you get depends on your circumstances - eg your income,  if you have children etc.

To find out whether you may be entitled to help with your council tax , please visit

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit helps people on a low income to pay their rent whether to a private landlord, housing association or the Council. You cannot claim Housing Benefit to help pay a mortgage although you may be able to get help with this from the JobCentre if you are not working. 

The amount of help you may be entitled to will depend on your income, whether you have any savings, your rent, whether you or a member of your household is disabled. You will normally not be entitled to any help if you have savings over £16,000 unless you are a pensioner and are also in receipt of Guaranteed Pension Credit. 

To find out whether you may be entitled to help with your rent please visit 


Renting privately and Local Housing Allowance

If you are not renting from the Local Authority or a Housing Association, the maximum level of help you will get towards your rent will be decided by something called the 'Local Housing Allowance'. This may be less than the actual rent you pay which might mean you will have to make up the shortfall yourself. These rates are set by the Valuation Office, rather than the Local Authority. The rate which will apply will depend on the size of your household. For example, if you have one child who lives with you, we will look at the Local Housing Allowance rate for a two bedroomed property when working out your Housing Benefit entitlement.

To find out which rates currently apply and how they are calculated, please click the link below.   

How do I apply for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction?

To apply for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction click below, it would be helpful if you had your National Insurance number and most recent Council Tax Bill to hand.

dont delay - claim today 

  • If you (or your partner) are a pensioner and you have been awarded Guaranteed Pension Credit, then you can still claim Housing or Council Tax even if you have over £16,000 in savings. 

In this section

Discretionary Housing Payments

Information on benefits

Extended payment

Information on what an extended payment is and how to claim it.

Students and Housing Benefit / Council Tax Reduction

If you are a full-time student then you can apply for a Council Tax exemption but you are not usually entitled to claim Housing Benefit to help with your rent.

Benefit claims and the Self-employed

If you are self-employed and want to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction, we need to decide whether you are eligible.

Benefit on two homes

Advice on claiming benefit if you have two homes, for example if you are moving house, a student, in fear of violence

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