Albantide Green Procession 2013

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The Mayor and Procession
Working with the St Albans Abbey Education Officer, we re-interpreted the story of Alban and his legacy as ‘an ordinary bloke who did an extraordinary thing’.  296 children from 5 local schools, Mandeville, Wheatfield’s, Park Street, Sandridge and Killigrew investigated people from history or contemporary life who fulfilled this criteria.  These chosen characters including Nelson Mandela, Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther-King were depicted on designed t-shirts and life size paper cast figures, in the style of Antony Gormley, following a casting workshop for teachers held at the Abbey Education Centre.

The queenThe 28 figures were paraded through St Peter’s Street on Sunday 23 June, as a culmination and celebration of their creative talents as part of the Alban Street Party, with 2000 people lining the route to see the 87 children and parents.
To tie in with the Magna Carta 800 anniversary, we featured 19 of the figures linking with human rights in the Museum of St Albans, the Town Hall and Court Room, the Clock Tower, the Abbey and the Alban Arena.  The ‘Queen’ also welcomed 2000 Giant Monopoly players in Verulamium Park as part of the Sculpture Trail.

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Date of last review: 10 March 2014