St Albans City and District Council is working in partnership with Harpenden Town Council, Sandridge Parish Council and  John O'Conner (Grounds Maintenance) Ltd to provide grounds maintenance services across the District.  If you have a specific question regarding timing of routine grounds maintenance carried but St Albans City & District Council please contact the local John O'Conner team on 0800 345 7405

We work to maintain the Parks, Green Spaces, Cemeteries and Closed Churchyards, and Council Housing. 
We also carry out weed control on the highways and most footpaths and maintain shrub beds adjacent to highways on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council.  If you have inquiry about these services please contact the Parks and Green Spaces team 

From April 2018 we will carry out Highways Weed Treatment.

Hertfordshire County Council are responsible for the roads, pavements and grass verges.

If there is a problem on a road, pavement or grass verge - please contact the County Council directly:
Tel: 0300 123 4047

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