Highways Weed Control

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Roadside weedsFrom April 2018 the Council will take on responsibility for managing weeds across the District on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council. 
This will include directly managing the weed spraying programme, which has previously been undertaken by Hertfordshire County Council.

This new arrangement will improve management of weeds across the District and the treatment frequency will be increased to three per year where necessary.

St Albans City & District Council will not be treating weeds from designated high-speed routes (such as the A414).
The work will be carried out by the Councils ground maintenance contractor John O’Conner GM Ltd working in partnership with a specialist weed treatment company Complete Weed Control Ltd.

Weed treatment will be carried out in the following areas during April, July and September/October 2018.

Please click on the button below to see if your street is covered.

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Click on the button below to open the District Map Services.  The pink lines along the middle of the roads indicate that we will be treating the weeds of those roads.  If there is no pink line it means the roads will not be treated by the Council.
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September 2018
Area                  Description

Date Completed

Area 1City Centre and Central Areas17th September 2018Complete
Area 2New Green, Batchwood and Inner Marshalswick5th September 2018Complete
Area 3Jersey Farm, Outer Marshalswick and Oaklands to Fleetville11th September 2018Complete
Area 4Oaklands to Fleetville, Highfield and Camp13th September 2018Complete
Area 5King Harry, Cottonmill and Whitecroft19th September 2018Complete
Area 6Harpenden, West25th September 2018Complete
Area 7Harpenden North13th September 2018Complete
Area 8Harpenden East and South17th September 2018Complete
Area 9Batford and Wheathampsted3rd September 2018Complete
Area 10London Colney and Colney Heath, Smallford4th September 2018Complete
Area 11Chiswell Green and Park Street
In progress
Area 12Redbourn3rd September 2018Complete

These dates are subject to change as a result of wet and windy weather conditions

Date of last review: 28 September 2018

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