Temporary banner locations, guidelines and application

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Banner sites

1. Athletics Track railings in Verulamium Park

2. Bluehouse Hill/King Harry Lane Roundabout fence backing on to Verulamium Park

3. Downedge railings opposite Batchwood exit

4. Everlasting Lane Green Space railings/Batchwood Drive

5. Waverley Road/Batchwood Drive

6. King Harry Lane wooden fence backing on to Verulamium Park

7. Fleetville Recreation Ground railings, Hatfield Road

8. Victoria Playing Fields railings, Folly Lane

9. Westminster Lodge entrance railings, Holywell Hill

Who can use these banner sites?

Banner sites are to be used by community groups and charities who are promoting activities, events or projects that invite the whole community to participate in.

Banner sites are not to be used by any group promoting activities and events that will bring financial or commercial profit.

A maximum of 4 banner sites can be allocated to any one group at one time.

When can these sites be used?

Banners can be displayed 4 weeks prior to an event and must be taken down straight after, a maximum of 28 days only.

Any banners displayed prior to this period or 2 days after an event date, will be removed and a charge of £25.00 will be applied. The removed banners will be kept in storage for 2 days, after which they will be disposed of.


Banners should be no larger than 2m x 1m. This height is recommended by Planning Enforcement.

How do I book a banner site?

To check the availability of banner sites and to make a booking please contact banners@stalbans.gov.uk

Date of last review: 10 February 2016