Woodland Management Project

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Henry Holland-Hibbert update January 2017

Further work to the restoration and improvement of the woodland on Bricket Wood Common has commenced. The work is being carried out by contractors, Maydencroft, under the instruction of Munden Estate. They will begin in the section adjoining Little Munden Farm on the east of School Lane and will soon be working in the hornbeam areas on the west of School Lane close to the two most northerly parking bays.
We are carrying out both thinning work of existing trees and coppicing of hornbeam. The work is designed to allow more light to reach the woodland floor which should help develop the ground flora and improve the habitat for several species of invertebrates, moths, butterflies, birds and small mammals.

The individual areas we are working in are quite small and will be clearly marked. The cutting of the trees will take place in January and February, and will be completed before the bird nesting season. The work will be done by hand using chain saws - some vehicle access will be required but it is our intention to keep this to a minimum. The extraction of cut timber will be carried out when the weather improves and ground conditions allow minimising any damage to the ground.

This work is in accordance with the Bricket Wood common Management Plan and has the approval of the Forestry Authority and Natural England.

Henry Holland-Hibbert
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Henry Holland-Hibbert Blog #2 21st August 2015

We will be starting the woodland maintenance work in Mutchetts Wood and on Bricket Wood Common before the end of September. The woodland machinery will access along the new track that has been laid across Mutchetts Paddocks and timber will be extracted to the loading bay in the paddock for later collection. The main area of work will be in Mutchetts Wood including the woodland that forms part of the SSSI – this is the area to the west of Bricket Wood Common and to the east of the railway line.

All trees to be extracted have been marked. Trees of poor quality have been selected or trees that are too close together and are not allowing sufficient light to reach the woodland floor. The objective is to allow the better trees more space thus enabling them to flourish as well as allowing future natural regeneration on the woodland floor.

Work will also take place along the footpath that forms the western edge of Bricket Wood Common and runs north from Mutchetts Paddocks. The objective is to open the footpath, remove dead or decaying trees that might present a hazard and create a wider edge to the path. Not all dead or decaying timber or timber that has fallen naturally will be removed, this does provide a valuable ecological habitat for woodland bugs and grubs etc.

For further information please contact Henry via his contact details below.

Henry Holland-Hibbert Blog #1 20th July 2015

Following the approvals which have been given by Natural England, The Forestry Authority and St Albans District Council, the work to carry out some woodland maintenance and improvement to Bricket Wood Common will commence shortly. This is going to be a gradual process of work spanning about five years and will see some timber extraction from the common in order to improve the remaining trees and woodland structure. 

Two timber stacking points and loading bays are in the process of being constructed on land belonging to Munden Estate, with access to both sites being along School Lane. Some work is being carried out to remove small trees and scrub that is close to the sides of School Lane to facilitate vehicle access and safety and in order to address some health and safety issues.

It is planned that the wood land improvement work and some timber extraction will start this autumn although the exact timetable and location for the first phase of work is still under discussion.

Any updates regarding the works will be upload here 

Please contract  Henry on the below details for Further information 

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Date of last review: 27 January 2017