The Wick Local Nature Reserve

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The Wick is a woodland and informal playing field with areas of meadow. It was designated as a Local Nature Reserve in 1995.   The site is situated in a residential area of St Albans, in the Marshalswick South ward.

The Council has recently produced a Green Spaces Action Plan in conjunction with Hertfordshire County Councils Countryside Management Service The Friends of the Wick.

Woodland Management Update February 2019

The Wick Local Nature Reserve is an important area for both people and wildlife. Without continued management this special site could be lost forever. Some areas of the woodland have lost their diversity and the woodland floor is becoming compacted. 

Countryside Management Service (CMS) practical volunteers have been working hard on site undertaking small scale vegetation management works using hand tools including coppicing (cutting to ground level to invigorate new growth) hazel, removing dense sycamore regrowth and clearing the vegetation around the pond to let in more light. They also replaced the old fencing around the pond too.

Contractors are now being called in to create some glades, allowing more light to reach the ground floor helping natural regeneration. The works will include thinning sycamore and silver birch, the removal and treating of some laurel bushes, halo thinning around oaks (clearing the vegetation from beneath their canopies to allow more space for them to grown onto maturity) and creating dead hedges to close off informal paths reducing compaction of the woodland floor restricting new growth. 

Timescale - Contractors will be on site from 25th February 2019 for approximately 3-4 days

Please follow any on site instructions or use alternative routes. 
Sorry for any disruption and thank you for your co-operation.

Visit the Countryside Management Service website for more information about woodland management

Date of last review: 08 February 2019