History of Rothamsted Park

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Portrait of Sir John Bennet LawesRothamsted Park was formerly part of the Rothamsted estate owned by Sir John Lawes, a descendant of the Wittewronge family who bought the Manor of Rothamsted in 1623.

In 1843 he founded the nearby Rothamsted Experimental Station. He also created the formal entrance from Leyton Road to what is now the Park and planted the avenue of Lime trees.

In 1931 the family decided to sell the estate and it was purchased three years later by the Experimental Station following a successful public appeal.

In 1938 the then Harpenden Urban District Council purchased the land from the Experimental Station and it was named Rothamsted Park.

Rothamsted Park is now owned and managed by St Albans City and District Council.

Date of last review: 19 October 2016