This current phase of public engagement is now closed.  

Thank you to all though who took the time to contact us.  We will now review the feedback that we have received.

The outline proposals for each of the six reaches can still be seen below.  For each reach, you will find a summary document, a map showing the existing issues and constraints and a plan of our outline proposals.

Great care has been taken to make sure that the preferred options consider the constraints, issues and opportunities for each reach. These are outline plans and they will be developed into detailed plans after we have carried out further studies and engagement with stakeholders.

The timescales for further public engagement with be announced shortly, but in the mean time please do Contact Us


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Reach 1 Upper section of Verulamium Park including the lakes

The combination of measures we are proposing will significantly help to address the issues with the lakes, transform the river and improve the park for St Albans residents and visitors. 
The concrete lined, slow, silty river will be transformed to a beautiful, meandering chalk stream, able to support a wide variety of wildlife; A new river channel will be created alongside the lake; Wetland habitats teeming with wildlife will be accessible by boardwalks; Marginal plants will improve the look of the lakes and improve the water quality.
We believe our plans will create a park that St Albans can be proud of.

Reach 2 Downstream section of Verulamium Park to Holywell Hill

Our proposals will transform the sometimes unusable, boggy area of the park to create a rare area of wetland habitat accessible by boardwalks which will allow St Albans residents and visitors to get closer to nature. The Ver Valley Trail will follow the improved river. In-channel features – such as the installation of riffles, berms and gravel bars will create a more natural chalk stream which will provide habitats for a range of wildlife.

Reach 3 From Holywell Hill to Cottonmill Lane Allotments

Our proposals will dramatically improve the state of the river through this reach. By narrowing the channel, installing in-channel features and letting more light into the channel we can expect a much more natural looking and healthy chalk stream. Another key improvement will be to improve the degraded path to allow better access.


Reach 4 Cottonmill Lane Allotments to Cottonmill Lane

As a result of these measures the river will be greatly improved – creating a much more natural chalk stream able to support a wide variety of habitats and wildlife. St Albans residents will be able to get close to nature with the creation of wetland habitats, teeming with wildlife.
By reconnecting the river with the floodplain, these proposals will address the flooding issues in the area that will only get worse when nearby abstraction is reduced.
However, we do not underestimate the impact that these measures may have on allotment tenants in Cottonmill Lane. 

St Albans City and District Council is committed finding suitable sites nearby for those affected and we are keen to listen to allotment holders in order to understand how we can make the changes as painless as possible.

Reach 5 From Cottonmill Lane to just upstream of Watercress Wildlife Site

There are already really nice, natural parts of the river through reach five which our proposals will enhance. In-channel features such as pools and riffles will create habitats for a range of wildlife. Narrowing the channel will improve the energy of the flow. We will remove bunds that will reconnect the river with the floodplain, as well as giving a public a better view of the river.
When abstraction for water is reduced in the coming years, some areas of this reach may be wetter more often. We plan to make the most of this, with the creation of rare wetland habitats.  

Reach 6 From Watercress Wildlife Site to Sopwell Mill Farm

As well as making significant improvements to the river to create a more natural chalk stream, our proposals will restore the Ver Valley Trail through this reach. At present the footpath is in a poor state. Lowering the banks will allow the public to get closer to the river which will run alongside beautiful wild flower meadows, rich in wildlife.

Date of last review: 07 November 2018