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Local Plan Examination

A local authority’s local plan is an important document setting out the scale and direction of growth for its area, over a 15 year period. Once finalised, the local plan is the starting point for consideration of all planning applications.

Before a local plan can be adopted it has to be subject to several stages of public consultation and comply to the government’s policies and regulations.

Once the local planning authority are satisfied they have met all these it will submit its local plan to the Secretary of State for independent examination by the Planning Inspectorate.


Examination overview

Details of the submission, appointed Planning Inspectors and Programme Officer

Latest news and updates

Recent developments in the examination process

Examination library

The submitted evidence base for the Local Plan


Examination documents

Correspondence and documents from the Inspector, Council and Representors following submission of the Local Plan 

Representations to the pre-submission

Plan and the Council's Response
Representations received on the pre-submission draft of the Local Plan and the Council's response

Hearing sessions

Details of the public hearings to be held by the inspector

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Inspectors’ Post Hearings Letter

The Inspectors’ Post Hearing letter to the Council is now available  and can be viewed in the examination documents at ED40