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Voters go to the polls on Thursday 2 May

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Voters will go to the polls on Thursday 2 May for elections to St Albans City and District Council.

Polling station. Photo reproduced with kind permission of the Electoral Commission.
Twenty-one of the 58 District Council seats are up for election and there are 85 candidates in total.

More than 108,309 people are registered to vote with around 18,400 having arranged to vote by post and 158 having appointed proxies to vote on their behalf

The District Council elections are held on three years out of every four with Councillors serving four-year terms. 

There are twenty wards with 18 represented by three councillors and two – Colney Heath and Sandridge - represented by two.

One seat in each of the 20 wards is up for election this year with the winning candidate elected to May 2023. 

There is an additional seat in the Sopwell ward, following a resignation, that runs until 2022. 

Voters in this ward will be asked to vote for two candidates. The one with the most votes will be elected for the full four-year term and the candidate with the second most will be elected until 2022.

There are 74 polling stations at 52 locations across the District and they will be open from 7am to 10pm. 

The Council currently has a Conservative Party majority and its political composition is: Conservatives, 30 seats, Liberal Democrats, 17, Labour, six, Greens, one, independents, three, and one vacancy.

Mike Lovelady, the Returning Officer, said:

I would like to remind everyone that polling day is almost here. We want to make sure that everyone knows how they can cast their vote and have their say on Thursday 2 May. 
If anyone has any questions then there is lots of information available on the Council’s website or they can contact our electoral services team.   

A list of the election candidates and other information is available here:

The Council’s Electoral Services team can be contacted on 01727 819294 or email
The results are due to be announced from around 2am on Friday 3 May.  They will be posted as they happen on the Council’s website at with partial results appearing on the Twitter feed, @StAlbansCouncil. 
Here is some essential information about the elections: 

  • You can only vote at the polling station stated on your poll card.  That will have been sent to the address for which you are registered; 
  • If you are in a queue at your polling station at 10pm you will still be able to vote; 
  • If you have not posted a postal vote before polling day, you can take it to your polling station and hand it in; 
  • If you are suddenly unable to vote in person, then you may be entitled to appoint an emergency proxy. You can apply for this up until 5pm on polling day by contacting the Council’s electoral services team; 
  • You are advised to take your poll card with you to vote. If you do not have it, you will still be able to vote. You will need to tell the polling station staff your name and your address and they will check you are on the electoral register; 
  • If you have a disability, you can ask the polling station staff for help to mark the ballot paper. Someone else, such as a relative or support worker, is also entitled to help; 
  • If you have a visual impairment, you can ask for a large print ballot paper; 
  • If you make a mistake on your ballot paper, you can return it to polling station staff who will issue you with a replacement paper. This is provided you have not put your original in the ballot box. 

Contact for the media: 
John McJannet,
Principal Communications Officer,
St Albans City District Council 
Tel: 01727 296130